Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy hour{s} with my favorite person in the world.

we went to the gingerman, a beer pub, in fort worth last night for a little HH. this place has hundreds of beer on tap from all over the world. i prefer the fruity ones like pyrimad apricot or purple haze.

nicholas like the manly beers... the dark ones.

nicholas and i played to rounds of darts - and he beat me both times. i'm not overly competitive, so it doesn't really bother me. 
but, it always makes me think of our first date.

we went to dinner at this cozy italian restaurant called Nonna Tata and had a great conversation, delicious food, and a couple glasses of wine. not wanting our night to end there, we decided to go to a pub that had pool and darts.

now, i'm not very good at either pool or darts, but every once in awhile i'll make some tremendously lucky shots. nick on the other hand is good. he can put the dart right where he aims it.

well on our first date, we had a little competitive flirting going on. nick kept bragging about how good he was at pool and about how is dad is a dart master and he used to play darts with him all the time.... I kept bluffing and saying that he'd better watch out because i'm a pool shark. 

long story short. i played the best pool game and the best dart game of my entire life. i beat him fair and square! haha. first in darts. then in pool. and I never let him live it down.  

no matter how many times we play and i lose, i will always have those first 2 wins.

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