Friday, May 28, 2010

just ordered gifts for my bridesmaids!

and I really, really want to blog all about it because I think that they'll love their gifts, but being the sweet friends that they are, they check out my blog sometimes and I don't want them to see their gifts!

so we'll have to be secretive about it...  so bridesmaids, please DO NOT click on these links

I got each of them something from here and something from here {my favorite}!

I've been planning a Bridesmaid Brunch/Lunch, too.
{thanks to my sweet grandmother that offered to host it!}

i'm thinking about having a restaurant cater to my parent's hotel suite the saturday before the wedding {but, i still need to ask them about it!}, we can have brunch/lunch and mimosas on the huge balcony there. {click here, then on terrace suite to see the balcony}.

by the way, our wedding is on a sunday... 5 September

or, make a reservation at the cafe at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and have brunch there.

if any ones has any ideas, please share!

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April said...

Oooh, so fun! I love hearing about your wedding plans - it makes me want to marry Mark all over again so I can use all the other ideas that I didn't get to 3 years ago :)

I love the mimosas on the balcony idea - that would be an excellent way for you guys to chill out and be relaxed the morning of, and stave off any nerves that might be lurking around :)

I can't wait to find out exactly what your bridesmaids gifts are!

Caroline said...

So exciting!!! I loved getting gifts for my bridesmaids!! Sending you a hug! xo

Kinsey Michaels said...

Oooh very nice choices on the gifts Lacey! Glad your plans are shaping up nicely, I love hearing about your wedding stuff! Have a great weekend xo

French lover said...

Wedding plans are so exciting and fun ! I'm pretty sure your bridesmaids are going to be so happy with their gifts !! I can't wait to hear more :)