Wednesday, May 12, 2010

let's check that one off the list.

last wednesday and thursday i met with lucia, my wedding planner.

i was in a very decisive mood.

i decided on the {basic} table layout for the reception including food, bar, head table, cocktail tables etc. check.

i decided on this awesome videographer. check.

i decided a DJ. really looking forward to DANCING at the wedding. check.

i decided to make our great escape {around the block} in a horse-drawn carriage. check.
we are staying at the hotel where the reception is... so we'll have this big send-off, drive around downtown fort worth for a bit, then we'll head back to the hotel and hope we don't run into anyone! :)

i decided on a more specific color palette. check.

and when i say i decided i really mean we decided. nick has been playing a very big role in all of the decisions. seriously. but, i'm the one communicating with the planner...

ohhh, and i also met with another florist. still waiting to get to estimate back from her, but i think she'll be great.

flower market, seattle, washington.

still to do:
pick our wedding rings
meet with our sponsor couple for marriage prep
ummm..... and a thousand other things i don't feel like typing. haha.

{by the way that picture has nothing to do with this post, but i like it.}


Mrs. Julius said...

you're really smart to get a wedding planner...that is one think i totally regret because i was sooo stressed out!

happy planning! :)

The Baethges said...

oh i remember how amazing it felt to "check things off" the list! .... of course I still changed my mind a million times before the wedding! haha. good luck with all your planning! I am sure it will turn out amazing!!