Friday, May 14, 2010

stop and smell the latte.

good mooorning, everyone!

today is going to be a good day. i can just feel it.

{hope you feel it, too.}

i have a poster presentation at work today... basically i did a process improvement-type project, created a gigantic poster with all my data, and now i'm competing against other people at the hospital for the best poster. because it's nurses week, there's no way i'm going to win, but I'm still excited to present it.

oh yeah, and it's FRIDAY.


Bree said...

Goodluck and have fun with it!
Have a good weekend!

Caroline said...

You will do great!!! And, the smell of espresso is all together one of my favorite smells. Enjoy your weekend!! xo

French lover said...

It's nurses week in France, too. I didn't know it was an international thing ! Good luck with the poster contest :) Bonne chance !