Monday, May 3, 2010

such a bully.

i've been crying for the last twelve or so minutes.
i hate chopping onions. but i love to eat them.

ever since i had lasik {eye surgery} done several years ago i have been super-sensitive to onion.
seriously, i sob.

i need a trick for not crying!

{photo via weheartit}


sophie said...

I hate it when this happens to me soo much.

I wear ski goggles when i cut onions - completely ridiculous but it works haha.

lydia. said...

aww! that's so icky.
they never make me cry, but they sure do make my nose feel like it's burning.
bleh, i hate just thinking about it!


April said...

The last time he chopped onions, my hubby lit smelly-good candles. he said that helped.

Nicole Marie said...

me too!!! i can't even be in the room when someones chopping onions!!

Bree said...

it's only started to happen to me recently; grr. but you know what's worse for me? shallots-the tears are uncontrollable.

callie said...

The best tip to prevent crying is to leave the root end intact-- this releases less of those nasty chemicals that make you cry. Then, chop it like this:

mama bear said...

Yup, I used to wear ski or swimming goggles. You look ridiculous but it works.

(Now I get my hubby to do it, he's a chef so he slices ad dices one of those things in about .01 of a second!)

Weekend Cowgirl said...

They have fresh frozen onions already chopped in the grocery freezer. I use them all the time!!!

Anonymous said...

put the onion and the knive under cold water for a few secs and that should do the job. If you want to dip the knife into a glass of water every so often while cutting your eyes won't even water!!