Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tuesday night present progressive verbs.

daydreaming about hawaii.

regretting the third slice of pizza i had for dinner.

watching glee. is it just me, or was the first season so much better?

contemplating the next four months.

drinking fresca. but ready for some cold ice water.

missing nicholas. he'll be back tomorrow!

pining for a new summer wardrobe from anthropologie.

appreciating everything and everyone in my life that i love.

listening to the cars drive by below my balcony. not the most relaxing sound, but i love the breeze. 

delighting in that good yawn i just got out!

wishing everyone a good night.

hoping your week is splendid.

{photo via weheartit}


The Baethges said...

i feel the same about glee.. =(

i'm still going to stand by it though... especially since i have now made kevin watch it!

The Baethges said...
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Lauren said...

I have to disagree- the Madonna episode was one of my favorites to date. Sue Sylvester is my role model.

Cole said...

lovely blog. I'm following. :)
nicole visiting from

Caroline said...

I am stuck on the anthro summer wardrobe as well!!! xo