Wednesday, May 19, 2010

when things collide.

getting married. the formal union of a man and a woman. and all their stuff.

nick has been slowly, but surely packing up his belongings at his house, getting it ready to be put on the market. and during that process i've had the opportunity to take inventory on all of his things that will become our things.

including but not limited to...
signed baseballs, posters of athletes, posters of dead musicians, a 49ers blanket, a 49ers helmet, a HUGE tv (and not the kind you can hang on the wall-- the kind that takes up 1/2 the living room floor), etc.

lucky me.

ideally, nicholas would have a man cave with a keg and huge TV and any sports posters on the wall that he wants. however, we probably won't have all that in our 900 sq foot apartment.

truthfully, nicholas has pretty good taste... i love his furniture and he has awesome art collection.

maybe the movers will accidently lose the one box that has all the sports memorabilia in it.

just kidding, dear.. ;)


French lover said...

I never got to have that merging of the things since my fiancé and I already live together in Paris (and his stuff is in Canada). I'm starting to get anxious about what it will be like to start from scratch when we get a house in Canada ...

I love your new header btw !

French lover said...
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