Sunday, June 6, 2010

better luck next time.

all last week, nicholas was out of town for work.
i thought i'd be a sweetheart and make him some banana bread to welcome him back home after a long week.

one of my great friends Callie {check out her awesome foodie blog Linguine and Dirty Martinis} is quite the chef and she recommended I go with the Seasonal Fruit Muffin recipe from the Artisan Baking Company in Fort Worth for some delicious banana bread. just, instead of muffins, use a loaf pan.

i bought all the ingredients I needed and thawed the frozen bananas in the refrigerator.
the bananas look pretty gross, right?!
i blended and mixed everything together according to the directions. 
however, the recipe on the website didn't say when to add the fruit in, 
so I just folded it in right at the end. 
it took about 5 medium sized bananas to make 2 cups.
the recipe i used will make 24 muffins, so i did one muffin pan (12) and one loaf pan.
and, I still had all that batter left over. so, i figured everything needed to be full and I topped off the loaf pan. {bad idea... keep reading}
I set the timer for 15 minutes {it needs 30 minutes total}. 
After about 9 minutes, i started to smell smoke. not at good sign. 
i ran to the oven to find that the batter was spilling over the edges of the loaf pan onto the bottom of my oven and burning!! and it was all smoky in the oven, which filled up my whole kitchen! 

in a panic, I turned the oven off and took out the loaf pan... which ruined my potholders by the way.
i was just waiting for the smoke alarms to start going off. 

not wanting to be a total failure, 
{because I posted about making banana bread last week on the blog 
and if its on the blog you have to follow through} 
I cleaned the pan up, scooped out some of the excess batter, 
and stuck it back in the oven for another 20 minutes.Photobucket
20 minutes later, the timer went off and i went to check on the banana bread.
it still looked like batter and was all sunken in the middle, and the muffins just looked pathetic.

then, it hit me.
i never turned the oven back on!!!
seriously, lacey?!?!?

So, one more time... took everything out of the oven.
preheated the oven.
returned the half-baked banana bread to the oven.
set the timer. 

and, finally.....
my masterpiece.

what a mess!!

i'm really not sure what i messed up in the recipe, but i probably used too much of something or not enough of something?! 
no clue. 
anyway, everything still tasted great. it's just not very pretty.

i think nicholas still appreciated it though. and it was a pretty funny story to tell him.

it's the thought that counts, right?


Morgan said...

Definitely the thought that counts! I hate when baking goes disasterous.. happens all to often for me I'm afraid. :)

Caroline said...

As Julia Child says never apologize ... I have had so many flops in the kitchen and I like that you wrote about your flop ... and then courageously tried again. I would have given up ... the second time around your bread looks yummy. xo

April said...

Great story! At least it was all edible, in the end :)

Belle said...

Ahh this is such a wonderful and honest post! i adore! I have tried so many times to make decent banana bread and it NEVER works!! It never actually cooks and just stays moist and gooey, so I definitely admire your masterpiece!! xx

callie said...

How have I not seen this post?! The recipe does make a lot of batter. I found myself adding the extra to muffin pans, loaf pans and mini loaf pans. I had a bit of batter left and I just ate it:) Did you like how they tasted?