Wednesday, June 30, 2010

eclipse was ahhhhmmmmaaazzzinnggg.

my name is lacey.
i'm 24 years old. 
and, i'm a twihard. 


yes, i went to see eclipse last night. and i LOVED it. i highly recommend it.

it was probably the best movie so far.

i love seeing how the book comes alive on screen. i don't have a favorite part yet, i'll have to watch it again. but, when edward proposed to bella, and she finally said yes, i have to admit i got a little misty-eyed. hit close to home, you know. :)

i went with the same two girls from work that i went to see the twilight/new moon double feature opening night in november.

before the movie, we grabbed a margarita at a restaurant nearby. the bartender thought i was 15. haha, maybe it was the team edward shirt and the giddiness on my face about the movie i was about to see. even after i showed him my ID, he didn't believe me. oh well, he still served me.

and now, i can't wait to see breaking dawn... which i heard they were going to make into 2 movies. fantastic idea in my opinion!

can't wait to see it again!!

{eclipse image from google images}


Morgan said...

So fun! I can't wait to see it next week!

Bree said...

My best friend who is a twihard (who's 23) went to the midnight screening and had to stand outside in a huge line even though everyone had tickets! Myself, I'm not a fan, but somehow she has gotten me to see the first two at the theatre, so I'm sure I'll see this one too haha
Her current facebook status "sooo if anyone needs me ill be at every screening of eclipse for the next week ... greatest movie of life" lol ya, she's a fan.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I thought this was the best movie so far as well!!! I really want to go see it again. It was good!

Elle Sees said...

i'm 33 and i can't wait to see it!

Natalie said...

My favorite part was when they were in the tent and Jacob tells Edward he's 'hotter'. I have to admit, I giggled at that one.

SO good!!

Lauren said...

sooo jealous! I havent seen it yet!

Damaris said...

I really want to watch it again as well. It was awesome. I'm 27 and I have 2 kids and I still love the whole series.

It's like, damn if only my high school years had been like that. Oh well.

Belle said...

I just saw it tonight, it was incredible! definitely better than new moon! I am SOOO excited for breaking dawn now! I didn't want eclipse to end!! I guess it is back to the books till the next film comes out xx

Lauren said...

I finally saw it. defintely the closest to the books... I can't wait for Breaking Dawn though. I want to see how they are going to show the "delivery".

star said...

♥Team Edward♥

Loved Eclipse! My fave scene, was the proposal scene!

Love your blog, i am now a follower!