Sunday, June 6, 2010

groom and groomsmen outfits.

right at the beginning of wedding planning, nick and I decided that we wanted a very relaxed atmosphere at the wedding, so we knew we wanted all the guys to wear suits, rather than tuxedos.

also, we thought grey would give off more of that relaxed vibe than black suits.

we finally found some we liked! instead of renting tuxedos or suits, we found some really nice grey glen plaid suits for $180 for the coat and trousers. great deal!

this is the color:

and, each of the guys will have on a different/coordinating tie:

i'm really trying to prevent everything from looking too "matchy-matchy".

the girls dresses are navy. so i think they'll all coordinate without being exactly the same.

oh, and the guys will just wear their own black belts and shoes, and a crisp white shirt.

everything's finally coming together. and the guys are going to look sooo handsome.


Sweet Simplicity said...

Navy is my favorite color to wear. The suits are a great price! Definitely worth buying instead of renting.

April said...

I like! Can't wait to see pictures of your day :)

Hannah @ The New Black said...

I am a big fan of the coordinating, but not super matchy colors choice. Great taste! ☺