Friday, June 18, 2010

hot hot hot.


it's 100 degrees in texas today.
summer time is in full force.

i wish i was frolicking on the beach in costa rica again!

{photos from my aug 2009 trip}


Caroline said...

Me too!! I went in 2007 with some of my close friends ... it was such a great girls trip. Those photos of you and your friends are great! xo

thobeka said...

pleeeeeease send some of that heat this way!

lydia. said...

100! so hot.
josh and i are moving to vegas next month, and the temperatures there get soo extreme.
we are a LITTLE excited, though. it's way better than sticky, thick, humid temperatures here in missouri.



Morgan said...

Love the photos! And yes, the heat has been oppressive in the south!

Nicole Marie said...

oh man! well i'm at the beach and its pouring rain!!