Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's official - i'm a blogger.

why is it official now?, you may ask.

because i won an AWARD. 
how awesome is that?

Bree over at Simply.Girly. gave me this award. if you haven't been over to Bree's blog check it out. she has the cutest little puppy chloe and always seems to be loving life.

so, am i stylish or is my blog stylish haha?! 
either way, i love it!

now, i'm supposed to share 5 random facts about me and pass the award on to a couple stylish blogs.

1. i take my coffee w/ milk. no sugar.
2. i'm 5 feet six inches tall.
3. i don't have a middle name.
4. i have 31 picture frames up in my 670 square foot apartment. i just counted. 
{ridiculous, i know!}
5. i've never broken a bone.

and the stylish blogs/bloggers:

{can you tell i've been reading wedding blogs?!}


April said...

Yay for you! Blog awards are fun :)

Brianna Haggerty said...

Yayyyy Congrats, Lacey!! Your blog is so fun to read... and SO stylish!! I feel so excited and proud that you passed this awesome award on to me!! I looked to see who the other stylish blogger is that you were awarding, and I KNOW HER!! Haha!! We competed against eachother at the national teen pageant in California in 2003 I think... Her name is Christin Yates! Beautiful girl... not surprised at all that she has a fabulous blog also!! :)

Morgan said...

Hooray for your award! They're always so fun to be surprised with. :)

Tatum-LeTard said...

You have such a cute blog... I love running across other brides! Happy planning!!!!

T.D. said...

Congrats on your award! I love reading your blog!