Monday, June 14, 2010

my arms feel like jelly.

i joined the gym today.
{or re-joined, i should say. i wasn't too successful exercising on my own.}

i went to power sculpt, a 45-minute class, and a 15-minute ab class.
it felt really good to do a class again!
but, i think my arms will be dead tomorrow.

since then, just another monday.
dinner at chipotle.
grocery shopping.
watching the bachelorette.
answering emails.
drinking a glass of wine.

hope everyone has a great week!


Caroline said...

Sounds like a great Monday night!! Yay for the gym ... I love the feeling when my arms and legs feel like jelly. XO

Kinsey Michaels said...

Good for you Lacey! You look great! It always feels good to get a workout in. I love the classes too, they help a lot with motivation!

Justine said...

YAY back to the gym!!

Cailie said...

Nice work! I recently joined a gym too and classes are what keep me going or else I get kinda bored working out!