Monday, June 14, 2010

ten years from now.

another award! i'm so lucky. :)

thanks, yelena.

so the rules for this one: share where you'll see yourself going in ten years.

ten years from today will be june 14th, 2020.
i'll be 34. happily married to nicholas for 9 {almost 10!} years.
we'll be sailing the french riviera for 2 weeks on a private yacht with our kids henry - 6, paul - 4, and vivienne - 2. i'll be wearing a chic bikini and big sunglasses. we'll be evading the paparazzi.
for lunch, we'll have a salad nicoise and sangria. we'll sun bathe and listen to michael buble and our kids' giggles.

well, maybe. hehe.


Morgan said...

Love it!

French lover said...

I love this :D

And I adore the names you chose for your future children !