Thursday, June 17, 2010

this week, nicholas and i completed our pre-cana courses.

pre-cana is a course that catholics must complete before they are allowed to get married in the catholic church. it was an overview of the theological meaning of marriage and discussion of several of the catholic beliefs regarding marriage and family planning.

by the way, Cana is a wedding in the Bible in which Jesus turns water into wine.

as i've mentioned before, i am not catholic, but nick is.

this is one of the requirements of our marriage preparation course that we began in february. {read about our first meeting here.} we are doing the marriage prep and being married by a catholic deacon, because otherwise our marriage would not be recognized in the catholic church. which is very important to nicholas so therefore it is important to me.

there were about 30 others engaged couples at the pre-cana. some getting married in 3 weeks, some getting married in 7 months. a husband and wife team taught the class.

i honestly was not sure what to except. the first page i pulled out the folder we were given was about evaluating your cervical mucus as a way of 'natural family planning' to determine when the female is fertile and infertile. TMI. i know. i immediately rolled my eyes.

but the majority of the class was very interesting and really made me understand the meaning and importance of the wedding proceedings and marriage itself. it's easy to think of marriage as the next step after dating... but it's MUCH MORE than that. i loooved that aspect of the pre-cana.

giving love and receiving love with your one true love. :)

i tried to keep an open mind and really pay attention. and i really got a lot out of it. i'm so happy nicholas and I did this together. we were able to have some very open and honest conversations that we hadn't thought to have in the past. and because if it, i think we are a lot stronger.

and thankfully, we didn't have one of those experiences i've read about where the couples have to discuss their conflicts and resolution strategies in front of all the other couples. i would not have liked that.

i'm rambling... i know. but my point is:

i love my fiance. and i'm looking forward to the wedding, but i'm looking forward to the marriage even more. the wedding is one day, and its easy to put too much focus on it.

i'm so happy that i've found the most loving, thoughtful, compassionate man to spend the rest of my life with.


April said...

Aww, sweet. We did premarital counseling - essentially the Protestant version of what you guys did. I LOVED our sessions - they were private, with just me and Mark and our college minister and the young adult minister, and it was so much fun. I'm glad you got a lot out of yours :)

Also, I'm sure you already know this ... but the evaluation of cervical mucous as a form of family planning is a pretty reliable way to make sure you have a baby early in your marriage :) No offense to people who use these types of methods ... I just prefer something with a bit of a better track record...

Claire said...

That's so interesting that you've done that. I was brought up Catholic. My sister & I went to Catholic schools untill high school, & it was all down hill from there lol.
Now i am kind of indifferent to religion, it's not something i think about too often, my husband & i had a civil ceremony in a lovely hotel in the Lake District with just 25 of our closest friends & family, we did't do any 'courses' about fertility (!) or otherwise. We've been married 11 years this year, & i wouldn't have changed my wedding day in any way :)
I'm always interested in other people's weddings (think thats a 'girl' thing) & loving hearing of all your preperations! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I had a bad attitude about going to our "Catholic Camp" as I called it, since we're in the same situation as you all. But I was shocked to find how great the experience was. Other than the NFP, which was somewhat strange. We loved every second of it and are so glad that we did it!