Wednesday, July 28, 2010

all the single ladies.

who: bride-to-be {moi!} and 6 of her best friends
what: bachelorette party for the record books
when: july 24
where: dallas, texas
why: why not? one of lacey's last weekends out with the girls as a single lady

my bachelorette party started off at the joule hotel, where we stayed the night. apparently, lady gaga stayed there the night before between her back to back dallas concerts which i thought was pretty cool. too bad i didn't get to meet her!

the room had the cutest bachelorette decor. i even had my very own "Future Mrs. Mead" sash!

we quickly made it out to the pool...  the pool was awesome, but pretty small. it was already super crowded at 12:30. 
the end of the pool was plexi-glass and hung over the edge of the building over looking downtown dallas.
it was the perfect day for some fruity cocktails and some sun.

after the pool, we went back to the room, had some snacks and got ready for the night!

i loved my accessories! i wasn't sure about the dress at first, but the tiara and sash made the outfit perfect!

then it was PRESENT TIME! yes, on top of the bachelorette party -- my wonderful friends also had a lingerie shower for me! 

i got lots of very pretty goodies - but you'll just have to use your imagination. :) 

well, i will give you one little sneak peek... 
hehe, how cute are those?! {you know... like on facebook!!!}

and then, of course, our twilight stickers! these were perfect.
team edward rocks.

team jacob... very hot.

we then had the courtesy escalade from the hotel drive us to dinner at victor tangos -- which was DELISH. we all ordered different plates and just shared everything. the drinks were good, too!
and we're just getting started... 
the rest of the wild night to follow!


Kinsey Michaels said...

Ahhh love it so far! That hotel seems really modern and chic. Can't believe how busy the pool was for it being 12:30! That was sweet of your friends to throw you a lingerie shower.

*D* said...

looks like such a fun and fabulous time! can't wait to see what you girls did the rest of the night!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

So far it looks like it was a BLAST!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

So far it looks like it was a BLAST!

Claire said...

Love the pants hahaha! What great friends you have :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

You look amazing in red lipstick! What a fun night!

JMay said...

Seriously, how cute are you!!!