Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ceremony inspiration.

i've been working on my color scheme for the wedding. and, it keeps changing.
for one, i started out wanting yellow bridesmaids dresses. like this. but that didn't work out.

my invitations have little yellow birds on them, because I picked them out when I was still thinking we'd have yellow dresses.

but, now the ceremony i'm imagining is something like inspiration
so, i think i should just not use yellow at all. is that weird? to have yellow on the invitations, but then not incorporate that color at all. (the invitations are "outdoorsy"... little yellow birds and branches. I'll still be using the branches and outdoorsy theme at the reception.)

the reception will be more colorful like this...
(can't remember where this pic is from! oops. style me pretty or green wedding shoes, i think)
but still no yellow.

so now that you've seen all this... do you have a different opinion of the shoes?
aaahhhh, decisions, decisions.


Sweet Simplicity said...

LOVE your inspiration! It is beautiful. I think it is fine not to incorporate yellow. You are still using an outdoorsy theme, so I think it all still flows. As for the shoes, I'm loving the pinky nude peeptoes with the flower.

lydia. said...

don't even worry about taking out the yellow!
you just picked a color for some birds on the invite, and that's what you thought looked best.
i think it all still flows wonderfully.
and guess what? no one will think anything of it.
i had that issue with a lot of stuff in my wedding.
i'd be asking, "is that weird? will people think that's weird." and people told me what i told you.
i was like, "uh huh. sure." at the time, but now i see that it's totally true.
all people care about REALLY is that big day.
and seeing you! and celebrating!
so do what YOU want, girl. :)

Maria said...

IT is so hard to decide!! i love your inspiration board and especially the image for the receptions, its gonna be beautiful!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love all the inspirations you've got here!

city girl said...

I love the colorful flowers on the table! And yellow's such a pretty color for the bridesmaid dresses... so cheery!

jackiek said...

your wedding is going to be stunning! it's no big deal at all not having yellow in the wedding!

i can't wait to see everything come together! i love the colors in your reception and the navy bridesmaid dresses!

Schnelle Couture said...

beautiful inspiration board!
thanks for the comment. be sure to follow for more wedding wednesday posts! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It's such an exciting time, isn't it? ♥