Monday, July 12, 2010

i'm going to the post office today.

our wedding invitations are going in the mail today!!!
my sweet groom picked up the envelopes from the calligrapher friday after work. they look amazing.

(i used a local lady who does the calligraphy from her home. i found her through the fort worth calligrapher's guild. if you'd like her name/number/email, let me know.)

we spend saturday stuffing, licking and stamping envelopes. we even ordered in chinese food! :)
it was a fun little wedding preparation day. i really am cherishing these moments - it's going by soo quickly.

also, for the stamps, i used the abstract expressionist collection. i wanted something a little more unique than just wedding ring stamps, and these are perfect.

i LOVE the way all the addressed envelopes and all the stamps look together. i almost don't want to take them to the post office! ... almost.

hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Morgan said...

Love the stamps you chose! You're right - the envelopes do look like pieces of art!

Justine said...

They look great! So glad I got a sneak peek of mine:)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

They look great! How exciting!

emily☆ said...

This is something I've long since decided will be an absolute must for my invitations. They always look fab, and yours are no exception!