Friday, July 30, 2010

is this karma?

maybe i made fun of someone's bangs in a past life...
i've been tortured with bad hair cuts since i first had my bangs cut last December
my mom did a fantastic job the first time. 

and after this awful fiasco, (click that link... it'll make you laugh, even though i cried!) she came to town (9 hours away) to fix them before our engagement pictures...
engagement pics in march, bangs are back to normal. thanks, mom!

then, i went to my normal guy, and he can't cut bangs. 
then, i went to a new girl that was recommended to me... and she couldn't cut bangs. UGH.

i'm not going to let anyone touch them until my mom can fix them when she comes up for the wedding.

this last girl (who charged $60) made them super thinned out and scraggly. 
i even took 4 pictures to show her exactly how i wanted it. so frustrating. at least i'm still smiling.

how do you make your hair grow faster????
we are 37 days away from the wedding and i need these bangs to look good!

and, i hope my mom will be able to fly out to california every time i'll need a bang trim. :)


Bree said...

I know what you mean..a trim to hairdressers is not the same as it is to us apparently. I've asked for a micro trim numerous times and come out with like 3 inches cut off...and it took me about 8 months to grow that 3 inches!!

denise said...

I can totally relate to your hair stories... I have been living in Charlottesville for 2 years now and I STILL haven't found a hair dresser that I'm impressed with. Okay, well one but it cost $350 for a highlight and trim. No thanks ... I still drive 2 hours to go back home to my old hair dresser. She knows what I like and just gets it right, every time!

Your mom does do an amazing job with your bangs! I wouldn't go to anyone else. Your standards have been set!

As far as getting your hair to grow, I had a friend in college who took some sort of hair supplement pills. That's a last ditch desperate effort, if you ask me. And a lady I work with said prenatal vitamins make your hair grow fast and your nails really strong. But if it were me, I'd buy some shampoo that is supposed to make it grow and even if it doesn't grow an inch, you will still look fabulous on your wedding day. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

April said...

...How hard is it to cut bangs?? I feel like all you have to do is cut in a pretty straight line right across your eyebrows? Am I wrong? Is it that difficult? ESPECIALLY bangs like yours, which are heavy and not all wispy...

Ashley :) said...

Take biotin or prenatal vitamins. They make your hair grow faster and are also good for your skin and nails!

j e n. said...

aw boo! i'm sorry your bangs didn't work out, again :( it's hard to go hairdresser-hopping when you have to shell out 60 bucks when you don't even know if you'll like them! the girl i go to in FW actually has a policy that if you don't like the haircut within a week, you can come back and she'll refund you! so far i haven't had to do that, but glad i have the option :)

Annah said...

Ayyyyyyyyy. I really really love bangs but it was just a look I could NOT pull off. I think that if I lived in another continent, like maybe Europe where it's not so damn humid (I live in Miami) this look would work. Nevertheless you seem to have great hair. The engagement pictures ARE divine, and your bangs in them look great!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I am so picky when it comes to my hair so I know how frustrating it can be to find someone great!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Aww what a bummer that your bangs came out like that. It's funny how some hair dressers simply cannot cut bangs. Your mom does a great job, stick to her!

ashley said...

I'm sorry! When I had bangs and especially straight across bangs I never let anyone but me and my number 1 hairstylist who also has straight bangs touch them. I would say you gotta learn to cut them yourself (although maybe not before the wedding :)
You look fabulous regardless though!
xox ashley