Friday, July 23, 2010

what i've been up to.

1. searching for my camera cord! 
i can't upload any pictures with out it. i swear it just walked away. i've turned my apt upside-down looking for it...

2. food tasting for the wedding.
tuesday we met with the event coordinator at the hotel where we're having our reception to taste different hors d'oeuvres (which is really hard to spell, by the way). we met the chef and had our fill of 8 different choices. we were able to narrow it down to our top two choices without much difficulty... crab cakes and pecan crusted chicken tenders with a spicy peach chutney. yum!

the crab cakes remind me of that line from wedding crashers, hehe.... "are you kidding me? I love crab cakes. they're phenomenal."

3. checking my mailbox and finding RSVPs for the wedding.
probably the most exciting part of my day! this wedding is going to be a blast. i've been getting RSVPs everyday since monday, i think!

4. being creative with the DIY table numbers i'm working on. 
only because my original idea didn't actually work. at all. don't worry, i'll share soon.

5. searching for a dress to wear to my bachelorette party tomorrow.
i know i had it all planned out with my gaga-themed outfits 2 months ago, but i never actually ordered anything. so at the last minute, i was searching the mall for a white party dress. i ended up settling. not my favorite dress in the world, but it's white and it's flattering. and, that's ok. I'm thrilled about our festivities tomorrow night!! can't wait.

6. reading other peoples' blogs.
i can't help it. there are so many interesting people out there that i feel like i know... but i don't. kinda creepy, huh? so, i've been catching up on their lives rather than sharing my own. :)

7. planning travel.
nicholas will be moving to san jose on tuesday to start his new job. (a little delayed, but i don't mind because it meant he was here w/ me longer!) and, then next friday (a week from today), I'll fly out to hopefully finalize where we'll be living after i move out there in september. (nicholas will live in corporate housing until i move out there after the wedding.) i'm being optimistic about this!!!

well, that's my week in a nutshell. it was a good one, but this weekend is going to be even better!! i just know it. :)

(oh, and sorry no pictures for this one... better keep looking for that camera cord!)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

All of those things sound awesome (well minus the missing camera cord)! Have a great time at your bachelorette party!

Kinsey Michaels said...

It's great to hear what you've been up to! I love catching up on my favorite blogs too, it's amazing how over time as you keep reading, you really feel like you get to know a person. (I love reading yours by the way!) glad you have a lot of exciting things on your agenda!