Sunday, August 22, 2010

bridal shower hostess gifts.

i had a LOVELY bridal shower today, which i'll post more about soon, but I wanted to shared the hostess gifts that i gave to the girls who hosted the shower. 

i had the hardest time thinking of a meaningful gift that didn't cost too much. being that there were 5 hostesses, i didn't want to break the bank.
i finally found the cutest idea for my shower hostesses.  
i purchased these colorful umbrellas online at Old Navy

I wrote a little thank you note for each girl with a little something like...

Thank you so much for hosting... I am so lucky to 
have such a thoughtful and talented friend... 
I hope your next "shower" is just as enjoyable.

You could also use the "shower" theme and give your hostesses a monogrammed towel or shower gel, etc.

I really hope they liked their gift and felt appreciated!
(because i really did appreciate everything.)


j e n. said...

you are just too cute! i love all your DIY and creative gifts for the wedding! :)

Jaclyn said...

such a cute and creative gift, I'm sure they loved it and hope you had an amazing shower! (and thanks for stopping by my blog!) x

Kinsey Michaels said...

Oh my gosh this is the cutest idea ever! They are going to get a kick out of those! You are so creative Lacey!

Sweet Simplicity said...

The umbrellas are so cute! I know they will love them!

callie said...

Yay! That was my thank you note:) I loved the umbrella and these were the perfect idea! We had so much fun planning it. Can't wait to see shower post.

Nell said...

They are so cute! Is there anything more lovely that a bright brolly on a rainy day?xx