Wednesday, August 11, 2010

things to be thankful for.

{via weheartit}

1. our very first place. we have a place to live in california! nicholas put down a deposit on an apartment in los gatos, ca. great location. i'm going to LOVE it. i've already started to decorate it in my head.

2. airplanes. seriously, we have people flying in from the east coast, west coast and everywhere in between for our wedding. if it weren't for those airplanes, we'd have a pretty pathetic wedding. i'm so thrilled our friends and family are able to join us from all over. we are expecting about 120 people - the perfect amount in my opinion.

3. ranch dressing. i love the stuff. on pizza, on salads, on chicken sandwiches, on anything fried. (yes, i'm a dietitian)

4. airplanes. forgot to mention my love is flying in from california tomorrow for the weekend!! :)

5. showers. the bridal kind. i'm having a shower tomorrow at work which means presseeennntttssss. and then, my dear friends callie, lauren, meghan and allison are throwing a shower for me in about 10 days. really looking forward to that one!!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great about the apartment!!!

Claire said...

I'm thankful for my two best friends, my Hubbie, and my sister both of who i love very much :)BTW
I know you are getting married soon, i just went to a great wedding in Windsor and did a post about it if you want a nosy ;)