Thursday, August 12, 2010

work bridal shower.

sorry for the lack of posting lately. but, i have so many exciting things going on i haven't found the time.
we have...
20 days until the wedding
21 days until the honeymoon
29 days until the movers come
32 days until that one-way flight to california (yep, we are still moving to california!!)

i really wanted to share the bridal shower i had a work the other day because i feel so lucky to work with such thoughtful people. most of you know that i work in a hospital, but two days a week, I also work at a rehabilitation and fitness center that is on the hospital's campus. it was the lovely women at the rehab center that had this sweet shower for me.

these ladies really hooked me up with the gifts!

i really can't wait to start using these things once we get settled in our new apartment in los gatos!

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Lacey in the City said...

Oh my gosh, you're moving to Los Gatos! My boyfriend in college was from there, and since I lived in San Francisco, I spent soo many days there. It's the cutest town ever. You must get Pizza at Pizza My Heart (the pesto is my fave!) and the crepes at Sweet Pea's are so good. Also, they have a sweet farmer's market every weekend and carriage rides in the winter around the downtown area. You may already know all of this, but if not, I hope you enjoy it!