Tuesday, September 14, 2010

holding hands and a floating heart.

how adorable is this illustration of nicholas and me? 
it's by nan lawson. she really is so talented.

still preparing for our move tomorrow. i've run into some slight complications and miscommunications dealing with so many different companies. for example, we have one company that packs the TVs, one that packs everything else, one that appraised everything, one that loads and ships our stuff, a company that provides the move coordinator for us and a different company is in charge of going between nick and his HR team. they are all contracted out by each other through the company that nick's company has contract. (confusing, isn't it??) 

when i get a little frustrated, i just take a look at this picture and it makes life all good. because one thing that makes me wonderfully happy is holding hands with my husband.


Jaclyn said...

Oh my, how adorable is this illustration? Love it and what a great present!! Good luck with the move, before I moved to Sydney, I lived in California and I remember how difficult it was to organise the original move from Boston…hang in there!

emily☆ said...

That picture is just perfect! The whole shipping thing is very confusing. . . I just hope all of your stuff arrives so you can start settling in! PS I'm pumped to see your pictures!

erica marie said...

your picture looks great, I had thought about getting one of these done of my boyfriend and I awhile back but I didn't. Your's looks great so maybe I should.

Kinsey Michaels said...

Yikes that is definitely a lot to keep track of, but I hope everything goes well Lacey! Very sweet pic of you and your husband!

Mandy said...

sweet blog. congrats on getting married!
can't wait to see photos.
this is an adorable illustration.


Morgan said...

Love Nan! She's so talented!