Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a work in progress.

last friday, we finally received all of our things and my car here in cali! since then we've been busy unpacking and organizing and arranging. we literally had about 100 boxes to unpack and now we are down to about 7.

we've made some progress in the living room...

(i love how sometimes the paint looks more gray and sometimes more taupe!)
we still have pictures to hang. and, as i've been unpacking, i've just been placing the decor in random areas, so once I get that all out, I'll arrange it a little better. like i said, a work in progress!

here are some other pictures...

dining room

mountain of cardboard on the patio!
my decorating style has really changed in the last few years. so, there are LOTS of things that I want to change and buy all new things. but, that's not super realistic. so, we'll just have to do a little at a time to make it ours.

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*D* said...

looks like things are coming together well! can't wait to see what it looks like once you're all settled in. :)