Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i am headed to the DMV today. i finally got my social security card with my new last name, so now it's time for a california driver's license. however, since the DMV isn't usually the most pleasant place, i'm going to be optimistic and think happy thoughts. i'm going to think about the lovely walk nicholas and i took around our neighborhood. and i'll think about how the leaves that had fallen on the ground looked like stars. hopefully that will help. and i'll also take a magazine. :) wish me luck. happy tuesday!


Nell said...

lovely happy shoes. I love a good foot photo! xx

e.day said...

ugh! i have to go to the dmv this week too!

congrats on your last name, exciting times! those leaves make for a very pretty walk.

now i just need to find a good book to keep me occupied :)

Liz said...

changing your name can be so frustrating! The DMV was the worst! Good for you for being optimistic :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck! Love those red shoes!

TalksAboutNothing* said...

Best of luck :)
Try to see smth good in things that are maybe not that positive it will keep you smiling :)