Wednesday, October 20, 2010

take me back to maui. part one.

there's a chill in the air today! so as i'm laying on the couch all cuddled up in a blanket and drinking hot coffee, i can't stop thinking about our amazing (warm!) honeymoon in maui. i've already shared my favorite attraction, our "poladroids," and the best breakfast ever. but, here are some more pictures from our trip!

nicholas and i attended the Old Lahaina Luau while we where in Maui. it is completely a tourist trap, but overall i'm glad we went. you know, one of those things that you just need to see once. and, as far as the luaus go, this one is the creme de la creme of luaus.

unlimited mai tais :)

enjoying the view

uncovering the pig that had been cooking all day

it looks really gross, but it was delicious!

ultimate tourist, hehe

the hula girls.
uh, i was totally jealous of their dancing skills. how do they move their hips so fast?!? nick and i tried to do the hula afterwards. i looked like an idiot. nicholas looked like a pro. 
(that's one of the reasons i married him... he is such a good dancer!)

next up: part two.

10 comments: said...

gorgeous pictures! i've never been to hawaii and now i really feel like i need to, even just for an excuse to get some white linen pants and take pictures by the ocean! :)

*D* said...

paradise! and the two of you are the cutest!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Great pics! We did not do a Luau on our Honeymoon in Maui but this looks great!

Megan said...

It looks like a fun tourist trap at least!

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous said...

My husband and I will be going to Maui and the Big Island this December. Will be checking out the places you mentioned here :).

Amanda said...

that guy in the hawaiian shirt and sneakers would TOTALLY be my dad! haha!!!

TalksAboutNothing* said...

Hehe, once I tried to do the dance and thank god I was alone, cause I looked like a retard!
P.s. love the pictures

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You had me at unlimited mai tais! It looks like it was fun!

emilia. said...

looks like so much fun! :) love your blog. :)

JMay said...

Amazing Honeymoon!!! These pics are seriously incredible:-) Makes me want to go back to Hawaii NOW!