Friday, October 29, 2010

take me back to maui. part three.

sorry these maui posts have been so sporadic, here's part one and part two as a reminder!

i thought i'd share some pictures of the resort we stayed at for our honeymoon! we stayed at the sheraton maui resort & spa. we actually ended up choosing this resort because of my credit card points. i had enough points saved up that we received 5 free nights in an ocean front room! we stayed a total of 6 nights, so we ended up just have to pay for one night. (cha-ching!)

i loved having such a great beach and great snorkeling right in front of our room! so convenient. the resort also had a huge pool with waterfalls and prompt bar service! talk about relaxing...

this full rainbow welcomed us right when we arrived at the resort!
 the view from our lanai. not too shabby!

 the fantastic pool.

 our little slice of paradise.

 it was so great to watch the sunset from our balcony!

 full bar with a great happy hour!
 and perfect view of the sunset over blackrock.

 seriously, i'm ready to go back!
the ONLY downside to booking our hotel through my credit card points was that the reservation was in my name... my maiden name. so, everyone at the resort kept saying Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Shields (my maiden name!), Welcome Back Mr. and Mrs. Shields, Good Evening Mr. Shields, etc.
and, it didn't matter how many times we tried to correct them, 
they just couldn't figure it out. oh well!

10 comments: said...

your pink bathing suit is so cute!!

and these pictures just keep making me jealous. i've never been, but now i feel like i absolutely have to go.

Lauren said...

You two are SO STINKIN' CUTE!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

These pics are beautiful. I wanna go to Maui!

Emma Jade said...

Lovely photos! You are a beautiful couple!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! The photos look fantastic! It looks like it was nothing but paradise!

Kinsey Michaels said...

your honeymoon looked amazing Lacey! i really want to go to Hawaii someday, it seems like the perfect blend of romance, adventure, and relaxation.

Lyndsy said...

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a great time it looks like you had :)

honey my heart said...

your photos are so beautiful! wow. i need to go to maui.

Sandy a la Mode said...

*sigh* i LOVEEE hawaii and miss it soo much!! we went there for our honeymoon a few years ago and i wana go back, now!!!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Love the photos, especially the resort rainbow!