Friday, October 15, 2010

wedding music.

it's been about one and a half months since our perfect wedding and we are finally settled in our new home. now it's finally time for wedding details!! i was waiting on the cd from the photographer so i could add photos, but haven't received that quite yet. so, we'll just start with the music.

{photo via weheartit}

nicholas and i put a lot of thought into the music. we wanted it to feel right. through the ceremony and as the night went on, we were both so happy with the songs that we chose.
the feeling was... lovely, fun, charming, happy.

our ceremony music was played via the sound system in the chapel by our dj randy...
       prelude: various vitamin string quartet songs
       seating of the familiescanon in d - lumiere string quartet
       processionalyellow - vitamin string quartet
       entrance of the bridebridal chorus - lumiere string quartet
       unity candlewhat a wonderful world - guitar solo by best man
       recessionalall you need is love - vitamin string quartet

for our reception music, we just gave our dj a general direction and he ran with it...
       cocktail music: jazz music, old love songs
       dinner music: buble to mraz, beatles, paul simon, van morrison
       dance party: michael jackson, top 40s, gaga, shout, etc

more reception music...
       wedding party entrancecrazy little thing called love - queen
       first dancecrazy love - michael buble
       father/daughtermy girl - the temptations*
       mother/sonloves me like a rock - paul simon*
       cake cuttingwhen i'm 64 - the beatles
       bouquet tossall the single ladies - beyonce
       garter pull:  anther one bites the dust - queen
       private last danceyou and me - dave matthews band

one thing i really enjoyed was that nicholas and i had a private last dance on the dance floor while everyone was lining up outside of the hotel for our grand exit. it was so wonderful to have that private moment, just the two of us, to soak everything in.
until that very moment, i had been able to resist crying (other than a tear here or there). but when nicholas and i were alone, dancing together under the stars, with the lyrics you and me together, we could do anything, baby in the background... i just started bawling! uncontrollably. tears of pure joy. (too bad i looked a little red-nosed in our exit pictures!) i still get misty eyed when i hear it.

i have a "wedding music" playlist on iTunes of all these songs and i love re-listening to them all!

*nicholas and i were both so grateful for everything that our parents had done for us and we wanted to be sure to thank them, but didn't want to give a speech at the wedding or the rehearsal dinner (too much pressure and i get really nervous speaking in public!). so, with the help of our fantastic DJ, we surprised everyone with a recorded "voice-over" during our dances. both my dad and his mom were very surprised and i think i even managed to squeeze some tears out of my dad. such a great moment!


Morgan said...

I love the idea of a private moment at the end! Such a good idea. :)

April said...

:) What great music you had!! Sounds like a gorgeous, sentimental wedding ... I can't wait to see pictures!

Nell said...

I have a "wedding music" list on my MP3 too! I love listening to it and when we were in a shop the other day our firts dance song came on and we both just looked at eachother and smiled lots. I'll love that song forever!
Your song choices are really cool - Beyonce for your bouquet toss was an imspired idea! xx

JMay said...

That music is absolutely gorgeous, great choices...oh & I literally can't wait to see this pics :-)

Liz said...

oh my goodness, LOVE the idea of a private last dance! So wish we would've done that!! Awesome playlist, love every single song!