Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i'm thankful that i can post about thanksgiving five days late.

wow, has it really been a whole 7 days since my last post? we've been busy touring U.S. airports. just kidding, but that's what it feels like. last wednesday we flew from CA to TX and then on friday from TX to Nebraska and then on monday we finally made the flight back home from Nebraska to CA with a quick layover in Denver. BUT, it was all worth it. this was our first holiday as a married couple and luckily we got to see both of our families!

Thanksgiving dinner was at my Mimi's house this year. All of the cousins were there and it was so great to see everyone again!

nick and my cousin's daughter
 our lovely homemade table decor!
 we played a lot of rummikub. it was intense.
 my handsome little younger brother, austin.
 lots of pie.

looks like someone has a sweet tooth....

my family...
it was a great thanksgiving filled with family, food, games and football. (and a haircut! thanks, mom)

see what i'm thankful for this year here, here, and here.
and here's what we were up to last thanksgiving.


Morgan said...

Love rummikub! And those pies look delish!!

honey my heart said...

looks like such a lovely time :) and you have so many pies!

Kinsey Michaels said...

playing games as a family is so fun. definitely a favorite pastime. and HOLY PIES! haha. glad you guys got to see BOTH your families!!!

Caroline said...

Too cute!!! Love the photos! xo

Sweet Simplicity said...

I ordered that plaid shirt, but it didn't come in time for T-day. I'm excited to wear it though! The ice cream picture cracks me up!