Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my best man. and cute wedding sing-along.

after thanksgiving at mimi's nicholas and i traveled to his hometown (omaha, nebraska) for the lovely wedding of nick's bestie. nick was best man and gave such a sweet, sincere and funny speech.

it was SO NICE for me to go to a wedding and just relax and enjoy. the last wedding that i went to was my own and i was a bridesmaid in the two before that one!

it's so interesting learning about different wedding traditions in different areas. for example, one thing that is common in omaha, but i've never seen before (in texas) is having a long gap between the ceremony and reception. the ceremony was at 2. but the wedding party didn't arrive to the reception until 7. the time in between was filled with a trolley ride around omaha and bar hopping and pictures! it was a great way for the couple to spend a little more time with the wedding party!

the best man practicing his speech.

pretty stained glass at the church.

 this is the groom's huge family. he is one of seven siblings and he already has 14 nieces and nephews! (it was a big wedding!)

the happy couple in front of olley the trolley!
 in the trolley.
such a handsome couple!

at the reception the bride and groom did this hilarious sing-along to meatloaf's paradise by the dashboard lights. (forgive my poor videography skills!)

congratulations mr. and mrs. bragg!

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*D* said...

here in Ohio it's common to have a gap between the ceremony and reception also. I've only ever been to one wedding where the reception was immediately after the ceremony. also, it's a big tradition to have a cookie table at the reception. it's a huge table full of cookies and treats besides the cake, and always my favorite part. :)