Thursday, November 11, 2010

thankful thursday.

some small things, some big things, some silly things.
all blessings.

ten things i'm thankful for this thursday:

1. the extra hour of sleep this weekend due to daylight savings time

2. finally receiving the disc with our wedding images on it (more pictures coming soon!!! i promise.)

3. my amazing family and everything they did for nicholas and me for our wedding

4. all the sweet, lovely, delightful comments y'all left on my last post about our home :)

5. bloggers with great style sharing their tricks!

6. lunch dates

7. new grape lipstick (although i'd re-name it black cherry bo-berry or something cool like that)

8. all of the veterans for their service to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy today

9. glee & parenthood - for giving nicholas and i an excuse to curl up on the couch each week (as if we needed one!) oh, and nicholas for watching all "my" shows with me. (even though he actually likes them, too)

10. for the delicious crepes i made on sunday because i had never made crepes before and they turned out perfectly. :)

{photo via weheartit}


Krystal said...

It's a lovely list!!

Lacey in the City said...

Mmmm I love crepes! So funny, because everytime I think of crepes, I think of the time that I spent in Los Gatos during my college years, because that's where I really came to love crepes. I think I told you before, but I went to San Fran State (SFSU) but my then-boyfriend lived in Los Gatos, so we used to frequent Sweet Pea's (yum!) and the Farmer's Market where they make the fresh crepes (double yum!). Also, have you and Nicholas made it to Pizza My Heart yet? I LOVE their pesto pizza, it's so delish. said...

great list! and totally with you. JJ pretends not to like my shows, but he laughs harder than me at glee sometimes. they love it :)

Nicole Marie said...

i've watched this weeks glee probably 5 times already. teenage dream was amazing!!

Liz said...

I was inspired by you and made my own thankful thursday list :) can't wait to see more wedding pics!

AFASHN said...

i adore the photo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love your list! I'm thankful for Glee too because it's so entertaining!

honey my heart said...

great list! we love glee and parenthood, too :)

Audrey Marie said...

cute list! im thankful the weekend is almost here!!!