Thursday, November 18, 2010

thankful thursday.

some small things, some big things, some silly things.
all blessings.

{dinner last night. see #2}

ten things i'm thankful for this thursday:

1. pioneer woman's aperture tutorial

2. pioneer woman's penne a la betsy

3. the job offered i received yesterday (although i didn't accept, it felt good to be wanted!)

4. an amazing day exploring san francisco with my love

5. e-mail - as charming as snail mail is (and I love it) it's hard to imagine life without e-mail

6. that santa does exist. and after a quick e-mail (see above), santa ordered me some amazing boots for christmas! (thanks, dad)

7. grandparents. for lots of reasons! but especially because they have the BEST nicknames.
   (hi baba, dandy, mimi and papa el!)

8. being able to fly to both texas and nebraska for Thanksgiving
    (which, holy cow, is a week from today!)

9. that the giant man-eater spiders outside of our apartment are content with staying outside of our apartment (for now, at least)

10. the christmas tree scented candle i found at target on clearance for $3 because... it smells really, really good. and it goes well with the "santa baby" pandora station i've been listening to all day!


callie salls said...

im hungry. send me some??? ;)

Morgan said...

That dinner looks amazing!
And a Santa Baby station? Yes please!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's great that you'll be able to see family for the holiday!!

Diana Smith said...

I love pioneer woman! That looks like a great recipe! And I agree Email is awesome especially when you get an email from someone unexpected!

A La Mode et Plus! said...

That pasta looks delicious!! And I am def. going to read that aperture tutorial. LOVE the intyce boots!!

Justine said...

The dinner looks delicious! Oh and I love those boots...I wore mine pretty much all last fall/winter and this one of course! That was very nice of Santa (dad) for an early Xmas present!

Maria said...

that penne looks delicious, great list girl!!!