Sunday, February 28, 2010


just met with lucia, our wedding planner, for 3 hours.

no stone was left unturned.

we are e x h a u s t e d.

we're definitely incorporating these butterflies somehow. :)
i love them!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

ready to go back...

last october {2009} nicholas and i went on a 7 day cruise around the caribbean with my parents. 
it was so much fun. 
i made a video/slideshow from the trip for my parents' christmas present. 

now, i've finally figured out how to get it on my blog. {yay}

{i've also made similar slideshows from my other travels. i'll try to get those on here soon, too!}

watching it again brings back all those good memories. i can't wait to go back!!

our winery engagement party was a blast.

i knew it would be.

how can you go wrong when you are 
surrounded by friends 
{and wine!} 
and lots of love?!?

the party was at times ten cellars in fort worth.

we had a great crowd. 
nick and i are so thankful we have so many wonderful friends that were able to come celebrate our engagement with us! 

we had people travel from all over to be here and that is one of the best feelings in the world.
i feel so loved and special and grateful.

peppers flew in from Tennessee for the party.
{she's already back to TN... here less than 12 hours}
Meghan and Elliot drove 3 hours{!} from oklahoma.

i literally have the best friends in the world.

we had so many different wines to try. 

and our private room was perfect. 

and we had the best 
st. patrick's day/good luck on your engagement 
petit fours from mckinley's
{i hope someone took a picture of our good luck charms}

many thanks to Lauren, Krista and Justine, our lovely hostesses. 
you three are amazing. period.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

gooooooood morning!

today is thursday.
one more day until our Engagement Party
hosted by lauren, justine, and krista.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hello teamwork

Prepare to be amazed at all we've accomplished. 

Getting Moms scheduled to come in town for Wedding Dress shopping
{march 11th! i'm so happy they'll finally meet}

Addressing 120 Save the Dates myself

Nicholas stuffing 120 Save the Date cards in their envelopes

Wedding Website up and running

Guest list Excel Sheet

Addresses {well, 98% done}

Wedding planner hired 

Reception booked at the Worthington

Phase One of Wedding Preparation classes completed

What I'm working on:
Still looking for bridesmaid dresses

Keeping in contact with Lucia

Finding inspiration for flowers and details

What Nick's working on:
Being supportive of everything I'm doing

Juggling crazy hours at his real job

What we're working on:
Meeting with Event Planner at the Worthington to discuss our menu

so many fun things. 

can you believe it's almost march! i'll be a vegan in less than a week.

everything has been going smoothly and i couldn't have asked for a better fiance to share all this with. nick, you've been so supportive and willing to help and patient! :) thank you. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

warning: this post is about blood.

guess what?! 
i donated blood on tuesday. 

i've never donated before but i just felt inclined to.

i work in a hospital where people need blood all the time... 
and i haven't done much community service this year. 
{i volunteered at a health fair for women in January, but that's about it!} 

also, i talk to people about their cholesterol everyday, but I don't know what mine is. 
{high cholesterol runs in my family}

i don't know what my blood type is, either.  i'm curious.

so I decided to donate. 

I didn't watch them put the needle in my arm, but i did see the tubes fill up quickly! gross, i know. apparently I have good veins. :) woo hoo.

i'll find out my cholesterol level and blood type in a few days. i know this is really weird, but i'm excited to see what it is!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy saturday.

had a very fun saturday with my love

- coffee with soy creamer {i like it now}
- walked to Blue Mesa for some tortilla soup and queso blanco
- finished up our registry at Pottery Barn
- went to see valentine's day with my forever valentine
- ate too much popcorn
- stopped by central market to pick up some beer
- salami pizza for dinner {i'm not vegan yet!}
- enjoyed my pear cider watching the olympics

the movie, btw, was so cute!

love actually is one of my favorite movies and valentine's day was very very similar. 
you know, all the different stories end up to be all intertwined. i love that.

pictures via nick's new iphone. so jealous.

hope you're enjoying your weekend, too!

ABCs about me

Age: 23.
Bed size: full. but you can't really tell because i have 8 pillows on there.
Chore I hate: dusting and handwashing dishes.
Dog's name: i don't have a dog. :( but, if i did i'd name him george or her june.
Favorite color: blue, i think. but, i've really been into yellow lately.
Gold or silver: depends. gold medal. silver flatware. gold earrings. silver lining.
Height: 66 inches.
I am: engaged to loveliest man on earth.
Job: clinical dietitian.
Kids: cutest from 10 months to 3 years old.
Living arrangements: 672 square feet all for me!
Mom's name: rhonda.
Nickname: miss bess, fajoli, lace.
Overnight hospital stay: haven't had one yet, thankfully. although 2009 took us to the ER 3 times.
Pet peeve: when nick picks at his nails but won't just get the clippers out. 
Quote from a movie: oh geeze, i'm not sure.
Right or left handed: right.
Siblings: milton allen, 25 & michael austin,  21.
Time I wake up: M-F 6:45am; weekends 8:30 or 9; every other wednesday 4:45am.
Unique thing about my car: her name is Rosie, i got her in March 2009.
Vegetable I hate: peas.
Ways I run late: stalking blogs & drinking coffee & watching the morning news until i have to get ready. then, having nothing to wear.
X-rays I've had: chest, to make sure i didn't have tuberculosis when the arm test was positive. {i didn't}
Yummy food I make: salmon cakes are nick's favorite.
Zoo favorite: monkeys or hippos.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dietitian experiments

two of my coworkers and I have decided to do an experiment. 

we are going to be 100% vegan for 1 week.

we have been having more and more vegan clients or at least questions about veganism. never trying it for ourselves, it has been difficult to counsel on. 

we are starting on march 1st.

tonight after work i stopped by central market. the perfect place to shop for speciality foods.

I decided to get a head start. 

first of all, i bought vegan/gluten free/soy free/tree-nut free "frozen dessert"
aka Vegan Ice Cream

i sliced up some delicious strawberries and dove in.
i have to admit, i wasn't quite sure what to expect from "hemp-milk" but it was great!
seemed creamier than regular ice cream, actually. 
i liked it!

secondly, i bought some soy creamer for my a.m. coffee.
haven't tried this one yet! I'll let you know tomorrow. 
but, I love hazelnut so i'm sure i'll like this one, too.

i got other "vegan" things of course tabouleh, asparagus, green tea, spring mix, etc.
but the creamer and ice cream are totally new things for me!

need to start pulling together some more ideas and recipes, 
march 1st will be here before i know it!

UPDATE: good morning, just had my coffee. creamer's not bad, but i'm not sold. i'm just used to skim milk in my coffee. likely it'll be better tomorrow, then the next day, etc. just need to get used to it, i guess. but, overall, really not bad at all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

we can't decide where to go on our honeymoon...

paris? the city of light.
paris honeymoon

hawaii? sandy beaches and waterfalls.
hawaii honeymoon

spain? sangria and people watching.
spain honeymoon

mexico? bienvenido relaxation.
mexico honeymoon
but day dreaming about it is so much fun!

i'm in trouble

i went shopping today at north park mall. 

i just love anthropologie

I spent about 90 minutes in that store. 
i could decide what to get, so i bought it all. 
i am definitely going to have to return something{s}... what do you think?

{i got a necklace, too. but, they didn't have it on the website.}

both of the billowy tops look so cute tucked into the high waisted skirt! 
or cinched with a wide belt with leggings.

and the dress is very form fitting and flattering.

oh, what to return?!

Monday, February 15, 2010

custom wedding creation

met with a few wedding planners over the weekend. 
nicholas and were really impressed with one and would love to hire her for our wedding. 
we are going over the contract now. 

what really made her stand out were her values on weddings and marriage and her thoughtfulness. she even brought me a wedding magazine for inspiration. 

it was a very simple gesture, but it was greatly appreciated.

in looking through that magazine i saw a picture of a couple who took a picture {at their wedding} holding a sign that read thank you. then, they used that picture for their thank you cards. 

i thought that was such a cute idea!

i started looking for more ideas on thank you signs when i came across funkyshique's darling etsy shop. she sells burlap banners. i emailed her to see if she would customize one for me... and she will!

it will look something like this one from her shop...
but, THANK YOU instead of LOVE

we'll use this during our engagement photo shoot {on March 15th} 
and sometime at the wedding probably.

i'm very excited about it!

p.s. if you haven't heard of etsy check it out. 
"your place to buy and sell all things handmade."
all kinds of cute things on there.

you make my dreams

best valentine's ever.

thanks to nicholas, his creativity, and being young and in love. 

i had to work on valentine's day. 
saturday night nicholas took me out for my favorite.... 
cheese enchiladas, guacamole and margaritas at la familia. 

i thought sunday night {valentine's day} we were just going to relax and watch movies... 
well, i was partly right.

when i got to my apartment after work... i was locked out. when nick finally came to the door, he made me close my eyes and take of my shoes. 

when i opened my eyes, this is what i saw...
haha... what the heck? that's exactly what I thought.

especially since this is what i would usually see when i look this way...
{minus the christmas tree}

nicholas spent the whole day i was at work building me a fort!!

i had to crawl in to figure out exactly what was going on...

"no shoes allowed in the fort"

once inside the fort that nicholas built i found...
flowers, candles, love letters, movies, wine... all expertly displayed.

every blanket or sheet i own was used to create a magical tent!

we had a picnic inside the tent and watched movies.

then had the best cheesecake from mckinley's bakery 
{sorry, that disappeared before i even thought to take a picture!}

we had so much fun!!

"What I've got's full stock of thoughts
and dreams that scatter
You pull them all together
And how, I can't explain
But You make my dreams come true"

thank you, nicholas. i love you so much. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

U. S. A.

watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics.

it's awesome!

looking forward to these games.

i'm especially in the mood for winter sports with all the snow outside still!

{view from my balcony this morning}

check out my new work attire


we just found out that we could wear scrubs to work if we wanted to.
so I went out and bought a pair. 
they are so comfortable.
and it's great wearing comfy shoes, too.
{especially since I've been complaining about my shoes lately!}

i'll probably wear this exact outfit for the next 3 days. :)

happy early valentine's day!

these flowers are from my dad! how sweet.
i love love love having fresh flowers in my apartment.
thank you, dad. love you!

abstract valentine flower art by me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

can we please go play in the snow??

that was the first thing i said when I got home from work!

the snow is beautiful. and it hasn't stopped. 
the weatherman said we had 7 inches today!! 
can you believe it?!

{it's going to be a mess in the morning when all the slush turns into slick ice, but that's another story!}

we put about 4 layers on, and I even let nick wear my uggs so he wouldn't ruin his shoes.

we were the only crazy people in the park.

getting my giant snowball ready

you better run, nick!

cold wet hands.

secret love note.

now back inside for some hot chocolate!

look what i woke up to this morning...


this is the view from my balcony.
oh, I heard on the news this morning that TCU cancelled classes today. 
too bad I'm not in college anymore. 
don't think the hospital will close for a snow day.

stay warm!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wednesday night present progressive verbs.

googling what verbs ending in ing are called.

listening to my "Crazy Love by Van Morrison" station on Pandora.

making momma's king ranch casserole.

bracing myself for the cold weather. {snow, again?!}

trying to keep my eyes open - was at work at 6am this morning!

thinking about china. the dinnerware, not the country.

looking forward to Valentine's Day with my love.

smiling at this little guy. 

wishing you a happy wednesday. 

hoping you've had a great week so far.

Monday, February 8, 2010

i had a turning point in my life today

when i went shoe shopping.

i bought shoes for comfort, not for looks. 
i bought naturalizers.

what does that say about me?!?
does that mean i'm growing up? 
or just that I'm getting old?! 
that I'm more realistic? 
less vain?

Nick kept joking that every grandmother in the store was wearing the exact same pair of shoes.

they aren't the cutest things in the world, 
but i walk a lot at work and tomorrow it's going to feel like i'm walking on clouds.
ah, i'm so excited.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

downtown cowtown diner

had dinner last night with the gang at Cowtown Diner, which just opened up last month.

it is "familiar food" including a steak finger basket 
{just like the one a DQ... that's what I had. it was great!}, 
a 4 pound chicken fried steak 
{not exaggerating... you have to order it 24 hrs in advance and 
if you eat the whole thing the restaurant will pay the tab}
pigs in a "homemade quilt"
and Thanksgiving 365 
{turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce... the real thing!}

loved spending time with old friends and new friends.

{patty, dave, tiner and fried apple pie}

{dave complimented the "spins" in my hair}

{josh and lauren. ps. i like your hat}

{krista and hogie bear the birthday bear}

after dinner we headed over to the new pour house!