Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wine lover.

tonight's menu: 
crispy pepperoni pizza topped with a blend of asiago and mozzarella cheese 
paired with a french rose wine.

{i don't know how to add the accent mark above the e, but it must be pronounced "rose-ay" - it's more fun that way!}

i am a wine enthusiast in the sense that i love drinking wine.
{for example, here and here.} 
red, white and everything in between. 
but, i will not even attempt to tell you whether there's a hint of blueberry or floral undertones
i'm not even sure i could tell the difference between a merlot and a cabernet sauvignon. 
{i've never tried - but that would be a fun experiment!}

lately, i've been really enjoying rose wines. 
its perfect for a warm summer evening on a terrace {or a random wednesday night in}. 
it reminds me of when i first fell in love with rose wine at an amazing beach resort/lounge in monaco.

{monaco, july 2008}

my favorite rose is by Menage a Trois. 
and bonus, it's only about 6 dollars at the grocery.

the description from the website explains it better than i'd be able, too:
Good rosé is like a carnival in your mouth—and not one of your low rent carnivals. We’re talking about your really classy, country faire kind of carnival. Our Ménage à Trois Rosé is the epitome of a good rosè. No pretension, no pretense, just a fruit-laden roller coaster ride of raspberries, strawberries, lychee nuts. 

doesn't that sounds like fun?


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

birthday blizzard.

for my birthday in april, dairy queen 
{yes, i'm on the mailing list, so what?} 
sent me an email with a happy birthday coupon for a free blizzard. 

i didn't print out the coupon.
 but after dinner, i couldn't get it out of my mind! 
i haven't had one in probably 6 months.

talk about some successful marketing, ha!

so nicholas {who wouldn't say no to a blizzard, of course} and i drove to the rundown DQ on montgomery street and purchased a delicious oreo blizzard.

{i actually prefer the banana split blizzard, but oreo is a close 2nd.}

we drove around with the windows down, enjoying the warm spring air and our blizzard. 
for every 3 bites i took, i'd give him one. BOP!
we watched the sky change colors as the sun set, explored one of our dream neighborhoods in fort worth, and picked out the houses we'd love to live in. 
{or at least peek inside!}

it wasn't anything fancy, but i love spending time like that with nicholas.
just little moments in love.

places on earth.

i saw this map on daily candy this morning.

{via here}

:This is a signed print of a hand drawn map of the world. The whole world. With pins. Each print comes with 202 pins to chart your path to total global domination. 200 of the pins are black, one of them is red and one of them is blue. Red is for headquarters, blue is for next target. Dimensions: 34.5" x 26.25":

i would love one of these to keep track of all my travels!

Monday, March 29, 2010


i loved this bathing suit from victoria's secret last year.
and i love it even more this year. 
why? because it's $29 for the top AND bottom.
and it's just darling.

perfect for a honeymoon in cancun, don't you think?

the only ten i see.

my dear friends allison and matt were in town this weekend from tennessee!

how cute are these DIY bride and groom sombreros 
for allison and matt's engagement fiesta?

{matt is a pilot, so he had wings on the front of his sombrero.}

allison was my big sister in our sorority and one of my best friends.

they are getting married at the most beautiful chateau in georgia this june.
nick and i just booked our flights to GA for the wedding weekend!

so excited.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

weekend fun and birthday wishes.

i'm exhausted. 
and it's the weekend. 
weekends are supposed to be relaxing. 
this one was jam packed.
but lots and lots of fun.

my weekend in a nutshell:

firefly lemonade at capitol bar.
berry walnut muffins.
lo's 25th b-day celebration.
old friends and new friends.
bottomless mimosas + eggs benedict at nick and sam's grill.
blood mary + white sangria at black friar.
sunshine and a lovely breeze.
margaritas at allison and matt's engagement party.

happy birthday, lauren.
i'm so happy that you're happy.
especially on your birthday.
and i wish you even more joy in year 25.
love, lu

Thursday, March 25, 2010

vitamin string quartet.

so, not sure if anyone else has heard of the vitamin string quartet.
i never had.

i just stumbled upon them on iTunes when I was searching for wedding music 
and i love it.

i have been going back and forth between having classical music at our ceremony 
{like a string quartet} 
or doing something a little more modern
{like playing some of our favorite songs by our favorite artists}.

i couldn't decide. 

but, now I don't have to.

how perfect would something like this be?


our favorite songs, played by a string quartet. 


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i'm ready to rock this thing.

with the help of...

1. Tiesto's Kaleidoscope album
{i love Feel It in My Bones with Tegan & Sara}

2. the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack 
{especially Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap}

finally walking on sunshine.

so after scarfing down this gigantic piece of cheesecake and having a minor sobfest about how guilty i feel for spending so much money on a wedding....

{you know, when you start thinking how many car payments you could make with the amount you spent on your wedding gown or how many months of rent the photographer was or the down payment you could have put on a house, but instead it went to the reception catering and open bar.... also known as, my reality check.}

...i am officially out of my funk. 

i really think the sunshine makes a difference.

like this beautiful, sunshiny day at joe t's 
in fort worth, when our mom's were in town

Sunday, March 21, 2010

man, i've been in a funk today.

i really was not in the mood to work or study or make dinner or do laundry.


i paid A LOT of money to take an exam this spring that 
would put some more letters after my name. 
unfortunately, with wedding on my brain, i haven't studied AT ALL. 
{and this is definitely a test you have to study for.} 
too bad i'll only get reimbursed if i pass. 
and this is stressing me out just a bit. 
but, instead of studying, i just complain.

have you ever had one of those days? 

i'm going to try to make my self feel better with...


doesn't this look delicious? 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

shake it like a polaroid picture.

since spring was so rudely interrupted by this nasty cold front we're having,
its time for a movie {and popcorn}.

anyone seen alice in wonderland in 3D?

we're about to. 
i hope its fantastic.

Friday, March 19, 2010

no meat fridays.

i've mentioned before that my love is catholic, and i am not.
so during lent, nick doesn't eat any meat on fridays except fish.
this is new to me.

lucky for him, i love seafood.

so today for dinner we decided to enjoy the nice weather {while it lasts}.

lauren and her sweet new love joshie met us for dinner and drinks @ j.j.'s oyster bar. 
a very casual, picnic table style, seafood restaurant in fort worth.

see that guy in the left of the picture?
he was on his iphone, alone, the whole time!

lauren and joshua and nick kept joking that he was reading my blog.
haha. doubtful.

little white blooms on every tree.

i love spring.
{and i love my fiance, too.}
high of 72 degrees today? 
i think i can handle that.

happy friday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ten things that make me wonderfully happy.

1. sitting on patios or at sidewalk cafes.

2. watching the sky change colors as the sun sets.

3. laying in bed in the morning with my lappie and a hot cup of coffee.

4. playing {words with friends} with nicholas on his iphone.

5. the little fortunes on my Yogi Tea teabags.

6. when my closet is organized by color.

7. listening to different languages and accents.

8. surprises, no matter how silly or grand.

9. how nicholas and i fit together perfectly on our chaise when we're watching movies.

10. cheeseburgers and french fries.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

falling in love in a coffee shop.

nick and i took our engagement pictures on monday.
it was a little grey and cold, but i think we warmed it up a little. 

this is just a sneak peek. 
more to come soon.

happy st. patty's day.

Don't forget to wear green today, or you'll get pinched!

this is the outfit i wore to work today.

st. patty's day fun

totally kidding.
but I did drink green beer at HH today. 
so festive.

hasta la vista, baby.

we finally narrowed down our honeymoon spot!
mexico honeymoon

we're going to mexico!

Cancun to be exact.

with my credit cards points, we were able to book 5 nights for free!

at Le Méridien Cancun Resort and Spa.

{we'll stay a total of 8 nights, though!}

growing up so closer to mexico {about 20 minutes north of the border}, i've always LOVED mexican food. and in all the travels that I've done, whenever i'm on a beach or somewhere tropical i always want Mexican food - nachos, guacamole, fajitas, enchiladas - but {unless you're in Mexico} its not the same.

so i'm very, very excited to actually go to mexico!

part of the 3-tiered infinity pool

restaurant overlooking the turquoise water

pretty room with balcony.

mayan ruins to explore nearby

hotel and terrace at sunset

now, let's just cross our fingers and say our prayers that we stay safe. 

there have been lots of reports on the news about the violence in mexico. although it's mostly in border towns, we'll still have to be aware of our surroundings and travel smart!

Monday, March 15, 2010

all dressed in white. {no peeking nicholas.}

i found my wedding dress!

it's beautiful and i'm so excited.

it is exactly what I was looking for.

i found it at Bliss Bridal Salon in Fort Worth.

i tried on about 15 dresses, modeled about 12 for the moms, MOH, and wedding planner. 
i could only have  3 in the finals. so if i wanted to keep the 4th dress and so on, i had to get rid of one of the top 3. that really helped to narrow it down. 

my final 2 were completely different. 
but, i couldn't be happier.

EDIT: Ok, so when i originally posted this, I included the designer and style of my dress.
But, i decided to remove it so it would be more of a surprise. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

cherry brandy roses and mommie love.

what a fun weekend. 
my mom and nick's mom where both in town from thursday to sunday. 

this was the first time that our moms have met and as my mom said to nick's mom on the way back to the airport, 
"i'm really glad I like you, because that makes this a lot easier." 

i love this picture.

we all met with a florist on friday. i looooove flowers. I'm not too particular about specific flowers, I just want them to look pretty. 
and, "my idea of a beautiful wedding" is evolving. 
I still love the way the yellow looks in that picture, but I haven't been able to actually find any yellow bridesmaid dresses that I like. 

So, we are throwing the yellow out the window and I am moving to a midnight blue. 
{like the color of the shoes in that collage.} 
with "garden-y" flowers in the blush tones and greens and fushias and whites. 

me at the flower shop. 
the florist gave me those beautiful flowers to take home!

the cherry brandy roses were my favorite! 
so colorful and fragrant.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

girls weekend.

my mom and nick's mom are coming into town tomorrow! 
i'm so excited. 
we are going the check out all the wedding sites, go wedding dress shopping, to the florist, etc. 

can't wait!
{me and mom in puerto rico last summer}

Sunday, March 7, 2010

southlake with besties.

lauren. lacey. justine.

we drove out to j. crew to try on a bridesmaid dress i had my eye on. 
the dress wasn't my favorite, but a least we were able to squeeze in a little girl talk and cocktails!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

we're moving to china.

just kidding. 
but china has been on our brain. 
well wedding china. 

deciding on our wedding china has been something that i've been putting a lot of thought into. 

not sure why.... i guess with everything else pertaining to the wedding, it just feels like one night. 
i'll carry the bouquet one night. 
i'll wear the dress one night. 
we'll eat the food one night.

but, our china is something that we'll have forever. 
and hopefully, i'll be able to pass it down to my daughter, like my mother is doing for me. 
nicholas and i will celebrate important life moments and holidays and just because with these dishes.

at first i decided to go with a very clean, simple, white china.

 {kate spade Dinnerware, Gardner Street Platinum Collection}

but, a couple days ago, i decided to change our registry and go with a different look.

we found a discontinued china replacement store in fort worth near my apartment.
{it's the 2nd largest in the nation!}

we decided to register for mix and match antique china plus monogrammed classic china.
the best of both worlds.

i'm soooooo excited now! :)

and we were able to hear the stories behind some of the china we chose 
and that makes it even more special.

now on our registry we have:
pickard white w/ scrip monogram in platinum

mixed with:

all sorts of discontinued china


mom's china.

i really want to have a dinner party now!
well, i guess i have to see if we actually get the china we've registered for.

back to normal.

friday at 5 pm exactly i left work and called one of my favorite mexican restaurants for a order of enchiladas to go. chicken sour cream enchiladas. :) 
they were so good.

being vegan was a good experiment, but it's definitely not the lifestyle for me. 

i know now how difficult it was for edward in twilight to be a "vegetarian" vampire. 
haha. totally kidding. {but seriously.}

i resumed my normal diet just in time for our 2nd round of cake tasting. the first time it was so good, I decided to bring my MOH, Justine, and bridesmaid, Lauren, along for the fun. we spoke w/ the owner, placed out deposit and enjoyed some more cake.

silly me... 

hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

our very own wedding website.

pretty simple, huh.

oh, be sure to have your volume up. the music is my favorite part.


oh, the good ol' days.

i have never wanted a cheeseburger so badly.

remember when i said i was going to be vegan for one week
well, i better clarify. i meant 1 work week, not seven days. {tricky, huh}
so tomorrow after 5pm i am going to devour a cheeseburger or nachos or chicken enchiladas...
what ever i can get my hands on.

maybe i shouldn't be a dietitian. i looove piggie food.

next career choice... 
5 star hotel secret shopper?
film editor?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

work lunch at spiral diner.

one of the perks of working in the nutrition department at our hospital is that we get free lunches. and, i am very blessed because not all hospitals do this for their dietitians and not all hospital food is as good as our food. 
{i mean, really, our cafeteria food is delicious.} 
i eat in there daily.

but, being vegan is a rare occasion. so for the occasion, we got a group together to try out an all vegan restaurant in fort worth, Spiral Diner
{being only 4 blocks away from the hospital, we should probably go there more often!}
it was pretty good. 

{spiral diner}

i have to admit though, my favorite thing was their vegan ranch dressing. go figure.
as soon as i had it, i thought, hm... maybe i can be vegan longer.

i had a taco salad. pretty standard except the meat wasn't meat 
and the sour cream wasn't really sour cream.

{taco "meat." mexican quinoa. corn. black beans. diced red onion. black olives. avocado slices. shredded carrots. peas. salad greens. sour cream. salsa. corn chips. and loooootttts of ranch.}

{me and my 2 vegan friends, katya and ashley.}

i need a burger.