Wednesday, June 30, 2010

eclipse was ahhhhmmmmaaazzzinnggg.

my name is lacey.
i'm 24 years old. 
and, i'm a twihard. 


yes, i went to see eclipse last night. and i LOVED it. i highly recommend it.

it was probably the best movie so far.

i love seeing how the book comes alive on screen. i don't have a favorite part yet, i'll have to watch it again. but, when edward proposed to bella, and she finally said yes, i have to admit i got a little misty-eyed. hit close to home, you know. :)

i went with the same two girls from work that i went to see the twilight/new moon double feature opening night in november.

before the movie, we grabbed a margarita at a restaurant nearby. the bartender thought i was 15. haha, maybe it was the team edward shirt and the giddiness on my face about the movie i was about to see. even after i showed him my ID, he didn't believe me. oh well, he still served me.

and now, i can't wait to see breaking dawn... which i heard they were going to make into 2 movies. fantastic idea in my opinion!

can't wait to see it again!!

{eclipse image from google images}

Saturday, June 26, 2010

blue things.

last thursday nicholas and i met up with some friends at my favorite bar in downtown fort worth - 8.0s. we listened to some live music - bob schneider and a local musician, luke wade. the weather had been sweltering all week so we didn't mind at all when it rained for a bit during the outdoor concert. 

it was so nice to sit outside, listen to some live music, enjoy the 20 degree drop in the weather the rain brought and drink blue things... my favorite drink at 8.0s - a frozen blue margarita - aptly named the blue thing
and, i made new friends barb and tasha who were so much fun...
we LOVED the blue things.
you just can't drink them too fast, or you'll get a brain freeze!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

if the shoe fits... buy it in every color.

lately, I've been scouring the internet for the perfect shoes to wear with my wedding dress. 

i'm looking for something that's 
- under $200
- not white or ivory
- heel no higher than 3.5"

not too picky, huh? 
well, i haven't found any keepers yet.

have bought and returned 2 pairs to endless.

just tried on {and decided to return} these:
j. crew, $198
the heel is the perfect height, but they don't really go with anything else haha.

a goal of mine: not be too matchy, but i want everything to go together. 
know what i mean?

i'm waiting for the UPS man to bring me these 3 pairs:
also j. crew, $198
these are fun, they have the navy in them... 
and the yellow rose of texas, haha.
i just made that up. :)

shoebuy, $51

bridesmaid dresses are navy, but they're not wearing navy shoes.
 these ninas are classic.

endless, $35
ok, so these were featured are green wedding shoes today and i love the (500) days of summer theme.
and $35?!? great price... hope that doesn't mean they're super uncomfortable, because that would be a deal breaker, obviously. 
i plan on dancing at the wedding. a lot.

so, what do you think? any favorites?
i know it's difficult because you haven't seen my dress...

hopefully one of these will work out!

by the way, 75 days until the wedding! we're getting closer. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

it's officially summer.

i love watermelon on a hot summer day.
it's one of those foods that you almost have to eat outside because it drips everywhere!

today is officially the first day of summer.
and it's my parents' 27th wedding anniversary.

{fourth of july, 2009}

happy anniversary, mom and dad!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day to the best dad in the world.

I was a bad daughter this year... I didn't send my dad a card for Father's Day. 
I didn't forget, but I was either on the way to work or brushing my teeth before bed when I thought of it.

I do, though, have the most amazing, intelligent, patient, wonderful father. 

Dad, thank you... for everything! Thanks for teaching me how to fish. Thanks for teaching me to be honest and accepting. Thanks for killing bugs, so I didn't have to. Thanks for so many fun childhood memories. Thanks for always checking for bad guys outside of my window before bed. And most importantly, thanks for always loving me.

 You've taught me to value good character and morals, rather than things. You've always given me the best advice and have never steered me wrong. And, you've taught me that it's what on the inside that really counts.

I am so lucky to be your daughter. 
Happy Father's Day!
Love you,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

staying cool on saturday.

panna cotta coffee crunch gelato & swimming after sunset

even at 9pm it's still 90 degrees.
no problemo. 
just jump in the pool!

Friday, June 18, 2010

hot hot hot.


it's 100 degrees in texas today.
summer time is in full force.

i wish i was frolicking on the beach in costa rica again!

{photos from my aug 2009 trip}

Thursday, June 17, 2010

this week, nicholas and i completed our pre-cana courses.

pre-cana is a course that catholics must complete before they are allowed to get married in the catholic church. it was an overview of the theological meaning of marriage and discussion of several of the catholic beliefs regarding marriage and family planning.

by the way, Cana is a wedding in the Bible in which Jesus turns water into wine.

as i've mentioned before, i am not catholic, but nick is.

this is one of the requirements of our marriage preparation course that we began in february. {read about our first meeting here.} we are doing the marriage prep and being married by a catholic deacon, because otherwise our marriage would not be recognized in the catholic church. which is very important to nicholas so therefore it is important to me.

there were about 30 others engaged couples at the pre-cana. some getting married in 3 weeks, some getting married in 7 months. a husband and wife team taught the class.

i honestly was not sure what to except. the first page i pulled out the folder we were given was about evaluating your cervical mucus as a way of 'natural family planning' to determine when the female is fertile and infertile. TMI. i know. i immediately rolled my eyes.

but the majority of the class was very interesting and really made me understand the meaning and importance of the wedding proceedings and marriage itself. it's easy to think of marriage as the next step after dating... but it's MUCH MORE than that. i loooved that aspect of the pre-cana.

giving love and receiving love with your one true love. :)

i tried to keep an open mind and really pay attention. and i really got a lot out of it. i'm so happy nicholas and I did this together. we were able to have some very open and honest conversations that we hadn't thought to have in the past. and because if it, i think we are a lot stronger.

and thankfully, we didn't have one of those experiences i've read about where the couples have to discuss their conflicts and resolution strategies in front of all the other couples. i would not have liked that.

i'm rambling... i know. but my point is:

i love my fiance. and i'm looking forward to the wedding, but i'm looking forward to the marriage even more. the wedding is one day, and its easy to put too much focus on it.

i'm so happy that i've found the most loving, thoughtful, compassionate man to spend the rest of my life with.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the fiesta before the fiesta.

here's a sneak peak at the invitations we'll be using for our rehearsal dinner.

our r.d. will be at an awesome mexican food restaurant in fort worth,
so these invitations are PERFECT.
{we went there in may, and no, we won't have to wait in this line!}

"the fiesta before the fiesta"
i love it!!

i found these online at spice paper designs

Monday, June 14, 2010

my arms feel like jelly.

i joined the gym today.
{or re-joined, i should say. i wasn't too successful exercising on my own.}

i went to power sculpt, a 45-minute class, and a 15-minute ab class.
it felt really good to do a class again!
but, i think my arms will be dead tomorrow.

since then, just another monday.
dinner at chipotle.
grocery shopping.
watching the bachelorette.
answering emails.
drinking a glass of wine.

hope everyone has a great week!

ten years from now.

another award! i'm so lucky. :)

thanks, yelena.

so the rules for this one: share where you'll see yourself going in ten years.

ten years from today will be june 14th, 2020.
i'll be 34. happily married to nicholas for 9 {almost 10!} years.
we'll be sailing the french riviera for 2 weeks on a private yacht with our kids henry - 6, paul - 4, and vivienne - 2. i'll be wearing a chic bikini and big sunglasses. we'll be evading the paparazzi.
for lunch, we'll have a salad nicoise and sangria. we'll sun bathe and listen to michael buble and our kids' giggles.

well, maybe. hehe.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

lacey and nick have some news!

it's finally official.

nicholas was offered a wonderful new job at stryker
{where he currently works}
...and we've accepted it!

and so that means
we're moving to california!
nicholas will start his new position there in july, and i'll move out in september after our wedding.

we are sooo excited for this new adventure!
we have been doing a lot of research lately. on everything.
new job for me. cities. homes. weekend trips to napa.

we love texas. and we'll miss it very much.
but, we couldn't be happier with our choice to move.

{remember when i fell head over heels for los gatos here? that's where we're looking to live!}

so get ready california, we're on our way!

Friday, June 11, 2010

instead of waking up at 6:30am to the sound of my...

i jumped out of bed and ran down 3 flights of stairs at 4:30 in the morning because the fire alarms were going off in my apartment building. uggghh.... they were so loud. everyone evacuated the building and we were all waiting and waiting downstairs. the firemen came, and it was a false alarm.

at 4:50 i crawled back into bed... at 5:00 the alarms went off again!!!! ugh. seriously? i figured it was another false alarm, but the alarms were so loud, i couldn't stay in my apartment. back downstairs, back outside.

finally, made it to bed around 5:20... and slept in until 7.

looks like this morning i'll be having extra....

funny the things you want to take with you in the event of a fire:
my laptop.
my purse.
my wedding dress. {yes, it's in!!}

hope everyone had a better start to their day than i did! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's official - i'm a blogger.

why is it official now?, you may ask.

because i won an AWARD. 
how awesome is that?

Bree over at Simply.Girly. gave me this award. if you haven't been over to Bree's blog check it out. she has the cutest little puppy chloe and always seems to be loving life.

so, am i stylish or is my blog stylish haha?! 
either way, i love it!

now, i'm supposed to share 5 random facts about me and pass the award on to a couple stylish blogs.

1. i take my coffee w/ milk. no sugar.
2. i'm 5 feet six inches tall.
3. i don't have a middle name.
4. i have 31 picture frames up in my 670 square foot apartment. i just counted. 
{ridiculous, i know!}
5. i've never broken a bone.

and the stylish blogs/bloggers:

{can you tell i've been reading wedding blogs?!}

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


today when i got home from work, there was a package waiting for me by my front door!

i ripped it open and found about $200 worth of clothes from victoria's secret. 

a bathing suit, 2 cover-ups, a top and 2 dresses. all in my sizes, too!!

wow, how would i be so lucky? 

who sent this to me?

I checked the label.


it was for the girl a few doors down.

dang it.

i could've kept it all. victoria's secret would have resent it to her when her package never arrived. but i like to believe that i'm a good person. and that people are generally good in this world. i packaged it back up and dropped it off at her door.

integrity: doing the right thing, even if no one is watching.

{image via weheartit}

Monday, June 7, 2010

things i loved about yesterday.

promising myself i'd wake up early, then sleeping in 'til 10. hehe.

wearing work out clothes all day because i didn't feel like putting on real clothes.

actually putting the workout clothes to use... walking around the neighborhood.

watching nicholas model suits.

having very serious conversations about ties.

eating my weight in popcorn.

laughing at steve carrel in date night.

sharing a strawberry banana smoothie w/ nicholas.

mozzarella + salami + pepperoncini + tomato + basil pesto panini at central market.

eating fresh fruit on the patio on a warm night.

sharing inside jokes.

sunday funday at the mall.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

groom and groomsmen outfits.

right at the beginning of wedding planning, nick and I decided that we wanted a very relaxed atmosphere at the wedding, so we knew we wanted all the guys to wear suits, rather than tuxedos.

also, we thought grey would give off more of that relaxed vibe than black suits.

we finally found some we liked! instead of renting tuxedos or suits, we found some really nice grey glen plaid suits for $180 for the coat and trousers. great deal!

this is the color:

and, each of the guys will have on a different/coordinating tie:

i'm really trying to prevent everything from looking too "matchy-matchy".

the girls dresses are navy. so i think they'll all coordinate without being exactly the same.

oh, and the guys will just wear their own black belts and shoes, and a crisp white shirt.

everything's finally coming together. and the guys are going to look sooo handsome.

better luck next time.

all last week, nicholas was out of town for work.
i thought i'd be a sweetheart and make him some banana bread to welcome him back home after a long week.

one of my great friends Callie {check out her awesome foodie blog Linguine and Dirty Martinis} is quite the chef and she recommended I go with the Seasonal Fruit Muffin recipe from the Artisan Baking Company in Fort Worth for some delicious banana bread. just, instead of muffins, use a loaf pan.

i bought all the ingredients I needed and thawed the frozen bananas in the refrigerator.
the bananas look pretty gross, right?!
i blended and mixed everything together according to the directions. 
however, the recipe on the website didn't say when to add the fruit in, 
so I just folded it in right at the end. 
it took about 5 medium sized bananas to make 2 cups.
the recipe i used will make 24 muffins, so i did one muffin pan (12) and one loaf pan.
and, I still had all that batter left over. so, i figured everything needed to be full and I topped off the loaf pan. {bad idea... keep reading}
I set the timer for 15 minutes {it needs 30 minutes total}. 
After about 9 minutes, i started to smell smoke. not at good sign. 
i ran to the oven to find that the batter was spilling over the edges of the loaf pan onto the bottom of my oven and burning!! and it was all smoky in the oven, which filled up my whole kitchen! 

in a panic, I turned the oven off and took out the loaf pan... which ruined my potholders by the way.
i was just waiting for the smoke alarms to start going off. 

not wanting to be a total failure, 
{because I posted about making banana bread last week on the blog 
and if its on the blog you have to follow through} 
I cleaned the pan up, scooped out some of the excess batter, 
and stuck it back in the oven for another 20 minutes.Photobucket
20 minutes later, the timer went off and i went to check on the banana bread.
it still looked like batter and was all sunken in the middle, and the muffins just looked pathetic.

then, it hit me.
i never turned the oven back on!!!
seriously, lacey?!?!?

So, one more time... took everything out of the oven.
preheated the oven.
returned the half-baked banana bread to the oven.
set the timer. 

and, finally.....
my masterpiece.

what a mess!!

i'm really not sure what i messed up in the recipe, but i probably used too much of something or not enough of something?! 
no clue. 
anyway, everything still tasted great. it's just not very pretty.

i think nicholas still appreciated it though. and it was a pretty funny story to tell him.

it's the thought that counts, right?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

reunited and it feels so good.

{via weheartit}

nicholas is back in town!
and we have a lot to do this weekend.

  • picking out suits for the guys to wear at the wedding.
  • BBQ at the boss's house.
  • shopping for wedding rings.
  • creating our guestbook.
  • and crossing off other things on my to do list.

already done today.... booking flights for nicholas's bachelor party at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Some good camping, grilling, golfing, and drinking for the guys.
and, we are having our bachelorette and bachelor parties the same weekend, so that'll be nice!

oh, remember that banana bread i was going to surprise nicholas with?!
that was a FIASCO.
more on that later.

have a fantastic weekend! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bad romance vs. pokerface.

i may be totally insane, but i cannot get the lady gaga inspired bachelorette outfit idea out of my head!
especially since i've been chatting about the party with my MOH justine lately.
we are planning a night out in dallas in july.

first laying out at the pool at the hotel.

then dinner, drinks and dancing with my favorite girls.

sounds like fun, huh?!?

well, it would be even more spectacular in one of these outfits...
{however, i don't think i can actually pull off one of these outfits.}
 but it sure is fun to play on polyvore. :)
pokerfacebad romance


i just came across this website... and there are so many cute things.
feels very anthropologie, but much better prices.

so, i thought i'd share.











cute, huh?!