Friday, July 30, 2010

is this karma?

maybe i made fun of someone's bangs in a past life...
i've been tortured with bad hair cuts since i first had my bangs cut last December
my mom did a fantastic job the first time. 

and after this awful fiasco, (click that link... it'll make you laugh, even though i cried!) she came to town (9 hours away) to fix them before our engagement pictures...
engagement pics in march, bangs are back to normal. thanks, mom!

then, i went to my normal guy, and he can't cut bangs. 
then, i went to a new girl that was recommended to me... and she couldn't cut bangs. UGH.

i'm not going to let anyone touch them until my mom can fix them when she comes up for the wedding.

this last girl (who charged $60) made them super thinned out and scraggly. 
i even took 4 pictures to show her exactly how i wanted it. so frustrating. at least i'm still smiling.

how do you make your hair grow faster????
we are 37 days away from the wedding and i need these bangs to look good!

and, i hope my mom will be able to fly out to california every time i'll need a bang trim. :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

girls night out.

after the wonderful day of bachelorette festivities at the pool, lingerie shower and dinner... my MOH and i had a little surprise for my bachelorette party attendees. 

a little outside of the ordinary. 
a little crazy.

we made our way over to oaklawn in dallas (aka the gayborhood)
and we went to a drag show!

it was HILARIOUS. and it was great, because usually when you have a group of pretty girls out in dallas, you get swarmed by guys you really don't want to talk to. that was not a problem at the gay bar!

there were a couple of other bachelorette parties there, and the brides-to-be were invited up on stage! yes, including me. the drag queen harassed us a little, but it was all in good fun! he/she told me that i looked like the 12 year old girl on the back of his milk carton... had i been kidnapped? haha.

there were some pretty ridiculous costumes and layers and layers of make-up on these... um, queens? performers? gender illusionists? ? overall, we had a great time.
after a little more bar hopping, we all made our way back to the hotel and guess what....
we put our pj's on a scarfed down some pizza and laughed about the night!
ah, i seriously love my friends.

the end.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

all the single ladies.

who: bride-to-be {moi!} and 6 of her best friends
what: bachelorette party for the record books
when: july 24
where: dallas, texas
why: why not? one of lacey's last weekends out with the girls as a single lady

my bachelorette party started off at the joule hotel, where we stayed the night. apparently, lady gaga stayed there the night before between her back to back dallas concerts which i thought was pretty cool. too bad i didn't get to meet her!

the room had the cutest bachelorette decor. i even had my very own "Future Mrs. Mead" sash!

we quickly made it out to the pool...  the pool was awesome, but pretty small. it was already super crowded at 12:30. 
the end of the pool was plexi-glass and hung over the edge of the building over looking downtown dallas.
it was the perfect day for some fruity cocktails and some sun.

after the pool, we went back to the room, had some snacks and got ready for the night!

i loved my accessories! i wasn't sure about the dress at first, but the tiara and sash made the outfit perfect!

then it was PRESENT TIME! yes, on top of the bachelorette party -- my wonderful friends also had a lingerie shower for me! 

i got lots of very pretty goodies - but you'll just have to use your imagination. :) 

well, i will give you one little sneak peek... 
hehe, how cute are those?! {you know... like on facebook!!!}

and then, of course, our twilight stickers! these were perfect.
team edward rocks.

team jacob... very hot.

we then had the courtesy escalade from the hotel drive us to dinner at victor tangos -- which was DELISH. we all ordered different plates and just shared everything. the drinks were good, too!
and we're just getting started... 
the rest of the wild night to follow!

Monday, July 26, 2010

oh, what a night.

cheers to a successful bachelorette party. my friends are amazing!
and yes, that is edward on my arm.

nicholas is flying out to california (for good) tomorrow. 
although i'll see him in 4 days when i fly out to san jose to visit, 
i think i'll spend tonight with him rather than blogging. :)

more of the bachelorette party festivities to come soon.

thanks for all of your sweet comments!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

bachelorette party tonight.

best friends.
one white dress.
a fake veil.
pool time here.
dinner here.
then, a surprise

{photo via}

Friday, July 23, 2010

what i've been up to.

1. searching for my camera cord! 
i can't upload any pictures with out it. i swear it just walked away. i've turned my apt upside-down looking for it...

2. food tasting for the wedding.
tuesday we met with the event coordinator at the hotel where we're having our reception to taste different hors d'oeuvres (which is really hard to spell, by the way). we met the chef and had our fill of 8 different choices. we were able to narrow it down to our top two choices without much difficulty... crab cakes and pecan crusted chicken tenders with a spicy peach chutney. yum!

the crab cakes remind me of that line from wedding crashers, hehe.... "are you kidding me? I love crab cakes. they're phenomenal."

3. checking my mailbox and finding RSVPs for the wedding.
probably the most exciting part of my day! this wedding is going to be a blast. i've been getting RSVPs everyday since monday, i think!

4. being creative with the DIY table numbers i'm working on. 
only because my original idea didn't actually work. at all. don't worry, i'll share soon.

5. searching for a dress to wear to my bachelorette party tomorrow.
i know i had it all planned out with my gaga-themed outfits 2 months ago, but i never actually ordered anything. so at the last minute, i was searching the mall for a white party dress. i ended up settling. not my favorite dress in the world, but it's white and it's flattering. and, that's ok. I'm thrilled about our festivities tomorrow night!! can't wait.

6. reading other peoples' blogs.
i can't help it. there are so many interesting people out there that i feel like i know... but i don't. kinda creepy, huh? so, i've been catching up on their lives rather than sharing my own. :)

7. planning travel.
nicholas will be moving to san jose on tuesday to start his new job. (a little delayed, but i don't mind because it meant he was here w/ me longer!) and, then next friday (a week from today), I'll fly out to hopefully finalize where we'll be living after i move out there in september. (nicholas will live in corporate housing until i move out there after the wedding.) i'm being optimistic about this!!!

well, that's my week in a nutshell. it was a good one, but this weekend is going to be even better!! i just know it. :)

(oh, and sorry no pictures for this one... better keep looking for that camera cord!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

back to work today.

it's tuesday, and i've been off work since thursday. i've really enjoyed my time off. i got soooo much done.

one of the not-so-fun things that i had to work on though during my time off was my resume! eeekk.

luckily for me, when i interviewed for my first job out of college, it was where i had done my internship and had a summer job, so i had a bit of an in. after a 10 minute interview, i was out of there and was offered the job the next week. 

fast forward to now. i'm moving across the country, won't know a soul in our new area (not even sure exactly where we'll be living yet - but that's another story), and will probably have to experience some real, tough interviews. not really looking forward to interviews. 

regardless, i can't retire yet! :) so i better put my best foot forward and get to applying. it's kind of scary and kind of exhilarating... so we'll see where i end up.

keep your fingers crossed that i'll have a smooth interview process and land a great job.
and maybe a refreshing desk like this...

{images via weheartit}

have a great day!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

sunday present progressive verbs.

yawning after my 2 hour nap.

noticing that i've only blogged 9 times in 18 days. where have I been??

wishing I knew photoshop better - it would make that DIY project I mentioned a little easier.

patting myself on the back for getting so much wedding stuff done this weekend.

welcoming another day off tomorrow.

humming bulletproof by la roux. i still love that song.

regretting that i left my leftovers from dinner last night in the car. all night.

crossing my fingers that the showing at nick's house tonight has some potential.

stretching my legs after a great workout class yesterday. {love that feeling}

loving these monogrammed plates.
{photo via House Beautiful magazine}

considering going for a swim as the sunsets.

sending out lots of love!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ceremony inspiration.

i've been working on my color scheme for the wedding. and, it keeps changing.
for one, i started out wanting yellow bridesmaids dresses. like this. but that didn't work out.

my invitations have little yellow birds on them, because I picked them out when I was still thinking we'd have yellow dresses.

but, now the ceremony i'm imagining is something like inspiration
so, i think i should just not use yellow at all. is that weird? to have yellow on the invitations, but then not incorporate that color at all. (the invitations are "outdoorsy"... little yellow birds and branches. I'll still be using the branches and outdoorsy theme at the reception.)

the reception will be more colorful like this...
(can't remember where this pic is from! oops. style me pretty or green wedding shoes, i think)
but still no yellow.

so now that you've seen all this... do you have a different opinion of the shoes?
aaahhhh, decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

less than 2 months to go.

i can't believe more than 6 months of wedding planning has gone by! time really does fly when you're having fun.

we've come a long a long way...
from the proposal, engagement party, and engagement pictures.
to inspiration boards and to-do lists.
yes, lots of to-do lists.
we have the final meeting with the bakery this week and our tasting next tuesday at the hotel where the reception will be.

what else will i be working on?
-our table numbers. i'm doing a little DIY project that i'll blog about once i'm finished.
-our programs.
-altering my dress.
-setting the timeline of the evening.
-planning logistics.
-deciding who will do my hair and makeup.
-sorting through RSVPs and assigning tables. the invitations when out yesterday!
-gifts for shower hostesses and family. (if you have any great ideas for these, let me know!)
-booking wedding day transportation.
two more meetings with our sponsor couple for our marriage preparation course.

i'm also thrilled about my bachelorette party in 2 weeks! and my dear friends are hosting a shower for me in august! can't wait for those. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

i'm going to the post office today.

our wedding invitations are going in the mail today!!!
my sweet groom picked up the envelopes from the calligrapher friday after work. they look amazing.

(i used a local lady who does the calligraphy from her home. i found her through the fort worth calligrapher's guild. if you'd like her name/number/email, let me know.)

we spend saturday stuffing, licking and stamping envelopes. we even ordered in chinese food! :)
it was a fun little wedding preparation day. i really am cherishing these moments - it's going by soo quickly.

also, for the stamps, i used the abstract expressionist collection. i wanted something a little more unique than just wedding ring stamps, and these are perfect.

i LOVE the way all the addressed envelopes and all the stamps look together. i almost don't want to take them to the post office! ... almost.

hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, July 9, 2010


the wedding featured on style me pretty this morning is so stinkin' cute.
if you aren't from texas, you might not get it.
but, this couple had whataburger taquitos as their wedding favor!!
that is the BEST late night snack.

photo via style me pretty, taken by ashley garmon

the post reads "Whataburger is something all Texan’s hold near and dear to their heart, so Kim and Charlie had breakfast tacos as a late night treat for the guests. "

you have to check it out.
and if you're ever in texas, get you some whataburger!
like i did here. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


i have about 2,938,417,519,023 things to do until the wedding and we move across the country.
however, my number one priority right now is finding cute & affordable clothes for our hawaii honeymoon! (that should be my top priority, right?!)

recently i found some great deals at american eagle.
... yes, that store you shopped at in high school.
... i know, i hadn't been in there forever either.

1. my new fedora - $7
2. yellow polka dot bikini - $23

3. glamour navy ruffle bikini - $32

4. fuchsia printed tube dress - $17

i really hope polka dots don't go out of style in the next 2 months. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

day by the pool with my new hat.

the rain and clouds disappeared just in time for us to spend some time at the pool yesterday. to be honest, it didn't really feel like the 4th of july until we dipped our toes in the water. and, i got to rock my new fedora. i found it at american eagle this weekend for $7. 

they don't have it online, but here are some other cute ones. 

after the pool, i wore my new hat to the grocery store, where we picked up some apple pie and vanilla ice cream. yum. 

not a bad day, in my opinion. :)

ps. we are 2 months away exactly from our wedding.. wowowowowow!