Saturday, August 28, 2010

i'm getting maui'd soon.

With all the craziness of these last few weeks pre-wedding, I am really looking forward to spending time with my love on our honeymoon in Maui. We have the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation planned. Here are some of the ways I've been preparing...

I finally found the perfect gold sandals. So comfortable!

Reading this to learn about all the best spots for stealing kisses.

My towel, book, sunglasses and sunscreen will all fit nicely in this cheerful beach bag.

Tart deco on my toes.

Nicholas made reservations for us on one of these for an amazing tour of the island.

. . .

But, until then I still need to work on menus, welcome totes and favors! Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

canvas wall art.

check out this amazing personalized canvas. 
this was a gift at my wedding shower last weekend. 
i love it and can't wait to display in in our new home.

and, can i just mention that i am getting married in 11 days?!? 
holy cow. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

my lovelywonderfulamazingsuperdupersweet wedding shower.

some of my sweetest friends hosted a shower for me on sunday, and it was so lovely. first of all, the food was amazing. i am so lucky to have a friend who is also a chef! and she prepared all the food for the day. she is so creative. (you can read chef callie's blog here) our menu included...

best of all, we had lots of leftovers, and i've been enjoying them since!

we also had cake! (i love the butterflies!!)

checking out the centerpiece
(such a cute idea... flowers in a pitcher instead of a vase, 
with wooden utensils stuck in between the flowers)

and of course, presents!! 
i made out like a bandit. seriously. 
whoever created the shower idea was a genius.
but, i have to admit, it is a little weird having all the attention 
on yourself and only you are getting the presents!

before and after opening presents, we played games: bridal loaded questions {i LOVE this game by the way} and Nick-busters. allison, one of the hostesses, emailed nick and had him answer all kinds of questions about himself. then at the shower, i had to guess his answers. (i did really well, too!)
{with my hostesses callie, meghan, lauren and allison}

a wonderful day that i will never forget!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

bridal shower hostess gifts.

i had a LOVELY bridal shower today, which i'll post more about soon, but I wanted to shared the hostess gifts that i gave to the girls who hosted the shower. 

i had the hardest time thinking of a meaningful gift that didn't cost too much. being that there were 5 hostesses, i didn't want to break the bank.
i finally found the cutest idea for my shower hostesses.  
i purchased these colorful umbrellas online at Old Navy

I wrote a little thank you note for each girl with a little something like...

Thank you so much for hosting... I am so lucky to 
have such a thoughtful and talented friend... 
I hope your next "shower" is just as enjoyable.

You could also use the "shower" theme and give your hostesses a monogrammed towel or shower gel, etc.

I really hope they liked their gift and felt appreciated!
(because i really did appreciate everything.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

diy, take two.

remember those amazing table numbers i made awhile back?
well, not sure if it was the glue i used or the humidity or what... 
but over a few days they began to warp. :( 
i even put them between wax-paper and stacked old textbooks on top for 48 hours and they still didn't straighten out. so, i decided to redo them. 

this time, i used double-sided tape rather than glue. and these darling alphabet stamps for the numbers. (thanks to my dear friend's homemade card for inspiration.)
i'm loving round two even more!
so feeling a little crafty after that success, i decided to make a sign to put on the entrance table near our guest book. 
it took a couple of tries... 
but, i LOOVVEEE the way it turned out! :)
next, i think i'm going to tackle some personalized gift bags!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the programs are finished!

i am finally done with the programs.
i designed them myself in pages and printed them at kinko's.
the little ribbon took forever though because it kept fraying, so i melted the ends of the ribbons with a lighter. 125 programs later... i guess i should clean up a little now!

how nice...

i love these personalized address stamps!
especially now that we know where we'll be living, 
one of these would make all those thank you notes after the wedding much easier. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

see that empty spot of carpet near the bottom of the picture?

that's where i was sitting.

i guess my parents called me messy bessie for a reason.

oh, the joys of DIY...
(i've been working on the programs tonight and they look great, it's totally worth it!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

cake wrecks hilarity.

if you've never heard of cake wrecks, you must check it out. that site is so funny. today, one cake really had me laughing. (seriously, who orders these cakes?)

last august {2009} nick separated his shoulder (or, more specifically his collarbone/clavicle) playing football.  whenever he tells the story, he mentions his clavicle. and I roll around laughing...because i think it is so hilarious that he calls it his clavicle - he sounds so dorky when he says it and he could just as easily say collarbone.

so of course, i naturally thought of him when i saw this. 
why didn't i think of this and give him this cake?! hehe.

(and it is true, nick... you do have nice "clavicals.")

Thursday, August 12, 2010

work bridal shower.

sorry for the lack of posting lately. but, i have so many exciting things going on i haven't found the time.
we have...
20 days until the wedding
21 days until the honeymoon
29 days until the movers come
32 days until that one-way flight to california (yep, we are still moving to california!!)

i really wanted to share the bridal shower i had a work the other day because i feel so lucky to work with such thoughtful people. most of you know that i work in a hospital, but two days a week, I also work at a rehabilitation and fitness center that is on the hospital's campus. it was the lovely women at the rehab center that had this sweet shower for me.

these ladies really hooked me up with the gifts!

i really can't wait to start using these things once we get settled in our new apartment in los gatos!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

things to be thankful for.

{via weheartit}

1. our very first place. we have a place to live in california! nicholas put down a deposit on an apartment in los gatos, ca. great location. i'm going to LOVE it. i've already started to decorate it in my head.

2. airplanes. seriously, we have people flying in from the east coast, west coast and everywhere in between for our wedding. if it weren't for those airplanes, we'd have a pretty pathetic wedding. i'm so thrilled our friends and family are able to join us from all over. we are expecting about 120 people - the perfect amount in my opinion.

3. ranch dressing. i love the stuff. on pizza, on salads, on chicken sandwiches, on anything fried. (yes, i'm a dietitian)

4. airplanes. forgot to mention my love is flying in from california tomorrow for the weekend!! :)

5. showers. the bridal kind. i'm having a shower tomorrow at work which means presseeennntttssss. and then, my dear friends callie, lauren, meghan and allison are throwing a shower for me in about 10 days. really looking forward to that one!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

decisions, decisions.

i've been thinking lately that i want to wear a headband at the reception. i have a headpiece that i've borrowed from a friend of mine, but i just looveee the way the headbands look! so i might wear one of these instead. only problem, i can't decide which one i like. and i need to order it ASAP! these are all from etsy.

I'm leaning towards the isabella or the ella. 

what do you think?!?

i think i need a stylist!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

diy table numbers.

i finally finished the DIY project i mentioned a while back! i made personalized table numbers for the wedding. the table numbers are years, and i put a pictures of each nicholas and i from that year.

once i figured out how i wanted to do it, it was pretty easy! my first idea didn't really work out, but i think they turned out very cute! i picked 13 years from 1986 to 2010 for our 13 tables. here are a couple of examples that i scanned...

i just eyeballed all the measurements, so they aren't perfect. 
but, that's ok with me!

next to do...