Thursday, September 30, 2010

strawberry banana heaven.

nick and i got a pear green blender as a wedding present. 
i haven't had a blender in 6 years. 
this morning, I made a smoothie.
smoothies ROCK.
wedding presents ROCK.
happy day.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a lovely sunday.

on sunday, nicholas and i took a break from all the unpacking to enjoy our new town. we walked about 10 minutes from our home down to the los gatos farmer's market. the weather was a little warm (i think i brought the warm weather with me from texas!), but we enjoyed all the activity and sights and people watching. we picked up a blueberry-kale smoothie and a breakfast sandwich and sat on the park bench and just took it all in.  after that, we walked to church and walked back home! i think we have a new sunday routine. :)

a lovely day with a lovely husband.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a work in progress.

last friday, we finally received all of our things and my car here in cali! since then we've been busy unpacking and organizing and arranging. we literally had about 100 boxes to unpack and now we are down to about 7.

we've made some progress in the living room...

(i love how sometimes the paint looks more gray and sometimes more taupe!)
we still have pictures to hang. and, as i've been unpacking, i've just been placing the decor in random areas, so once I get that all out, I'll arrange it a little better. like i said, a work in progress!

here are some other pictures...

dining room

mountain of cardboard on the patio!
my decorating style has really changed in the last few years. so, there are LOTS of things that I want to change and buy all new things. but, that's not super realistic. so, we'll just have to do a little at a time to make it ours.

Monday, September 27, 2010

even though it's 3pm, i'm craving these.

macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup from the gazebo.
hands down the best breakfast we had in maui.
i'd wait in line for 45 minutes again any day for these pancakes.

at least, we had free kona coffee and a gorgeous view while waiting in line. 

hm, i'm thinking breakfast for dinner tonight!?!

Friday, September 24, 2010

our maui honeymoon, by polaroid*.

our guidebook.

our ride.

our rings.

our mai tais.

our beach.

our sunset.

our waterfall.

our view.

our heart-cutout in lava rock.

*i don't have a polaroid camera unfortunately. so, i used poladroid for the effect.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

nalakele blowhole.

if i had to pick ONE favorite attraction from our honeymoon in hawaii, it would definitely be the nakalele blowhole. located on maui's most northern point, the lava rock has been cut away by the pounding surf over the years and it formed a hole. every time a wave comes in, the water shoots through the hole like a geyser. the water coming out of the blowhole can reach as high as 70-100 feet in the air! several books/sites warn not to get too close, but uh, we didn't listen. 

it felt like one of the amusement park log rides where you know you are going to get soaked and you just wait for it and wait for it... then WHAM. it's really loud but sooooo much fun! we were like little kids at a waterpark. definitely a must-do.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

happy first day of autumn.

it's crazy to think that last fall we lived in texas and we were just boyfriend and girlfriend.

now, we live in california and we're husband and wife.

looking forward to enjoying the changing season and my first autumn in california and my first autumn as nick's wife.

i'm excited about making chili and pumpkins and wearing scarves and boots and tights and watching the leaves changes colors.

enjoy your autumn.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what i miss most about fort worth this second.

girls night out.

bridesmaids luncheon.

saturday after our rehearsal dinner, i planned a little luncheon to honor and thank my bridesmaids for all their help and support. the luncheon was hosted by my grandma, mimi. we had food catered in to our hotel suite, drank mimosas and opened gifts.

i gave the girls earrings from Gaby Burger designs and a clutch by Stephanie Johnson
similar to these, but not exactly...

so cute, huh. both of these designers have great accessories!! 
i wanted to get something for myself, too. but i resisted. :)

this is the hotel suite where we held the bridesmaids luncheon and
also where the girls got ready on the day of the wedding!

we had an amazing view of the courthouse from the suite.

this is my mimi...


after the best tenderloin tamales from the reata, we went and got manicures and pedicures!
such a relaxing day. 

(still haven't received the professional pics from sunday, our wedding day! 
hopefully they'll be ready sometime this week!!)

photos via 1 and 2

Sunday, September 19, 2010

one of the perks of not having any furniture.

being able to do cartwheels in your living room.

after all the packing and dealing with movers, nicholas and i are reunited again in our new state! it hasn't quite sunk in yet, because we are staying in a hotel for a week while our stuff is being shipped here. but, we did get the keys to our new place and have started making it our own. so little by little, the realization of the huge move we just made is sinking in. 

all of our belongings packed up.
arriving in san jose after my one-way flight.
(sorry it's so blurry, from nick's phone!)

lots of white walls in our new apartment.

so we decided to paint a couple of walls...
"gray squirrel" in the living room
and "catalina coast" in our bedroom!

hopefully, our things will be here on friday and my car should be here a few days after that. 
(we had my car shipped, too!)

i'm really exciting about unpacking and setting everything up in our first home. 
and, i'm really looking forward to playing with all of our wedding gifts. 
we left everything in the boxes so it would be easier for the move.

so much to be happy about!