Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i wore it first!

ms. rachel berry was wearing my new purple dress in tonight's episode of glee!
i wore it to the rehearsal dinner this weekend with grey tights. very cute!

and i am in love with this song that glee covered tonight, too. 
oh, and how about a baby to make you smile!

can't wait for the christmas episode!

my best man. and cute wedding sing-along.

after thanksgiving at mimi's nicholas and i traveled to his hometown (omaha, nebraska) for the lovely wedding of nick's bestie. nick was best man and gave such a sweet, sincere and funny speech.

it was SO NICE for me to go to a wedding and just relax and enjoy. the last wedding that i went to was my own and i was a bridesmaid in the two before that one!

it's so interesting learning about different wedding traditions in different areas. for example, one thing that is common in omaha, but i've never seen before (in texas) is having a long gap between the ceremony and reception. the ceremony was at 2. but the wedding party didn't arrive to the reception until 7. the time in between was filled with a trolley ride around omaha and bar hopping and pictures! it was a great way for the couple to spend a little more time with the wedding party!

the best man practicing his speech.

pretty stained glass at the church.

 this is the groom's huge family. he is one of seven siblings and he already has 14 nieces and nephews! (it was a big wedding!)

the happy couple in front of olley the trolley!
 in the trolley.
such a handsome couple!

at the reception the bride and groom did this hilarious sing-along to meatloaf's paradise by the dashboard lights. (forgive my poor videography skills!)

congratulations mr. and mrs. bragg!

i'm thankful that i can post about thanksgiving five days late.

wow, has it really been a whole 7 days since my last post? we've been busy touring U.S. airports. just kidding, but that's what it feels like. last wednesday we flew from CA to TX and then on friday from TX to Nebraska and then on monday we finally made the flight back home from Nebraska to CA with a quick layover in Denver. BUT, it was all worth it. this was our first holiday as a married couple and luckily we got to see both of our families!

Thanksgiving dinner was at my Mimi's house this year. All of the cousins were there and it was so great to see everyone again!

nick and my cousin's daughter
 our lovely homemade table decor!
 we played a lot of rummikub. it was intense.
 my handsome little younger brother, austin.
 lots of pie.

looks like someone has a sweet tooth....

my family...
it was a great thanksgiving filled with family, food, games and football. (and a haircut! thanks, mom)

see what i'm thankful for this year here, here, and here.
and here's what we were up to last thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

stylish blogger award.

thank you so much to the sweet lynn at hearted girl for passing this award onto me! this is the second time i've received it, but it still feels great to be appreciated! and, it's a great chance to share some random info about me!

here are the rules:
1. thank the person who passed this award on to you.
2. share 7 facts about yourself.

all about me:
1. my blog's name (mille baisers) was chosen because "love, lacey" was taken. i thought "a thousand kisses" would be cooler in french. then i thought i needed to change it. but, ended up leaving it! oh, and i don't speak french. i actually just figured out the correct pronunciation a couple months ago thanks to google translation.

2. i was not blessed with a beautiful voice, but somehow in high school i was in 3 musicals. (ok, it was a really small school, that's how i got the part!) ah, the glory days. i still love theater. and, i really wish i had video of those performances!

3. i say y'all a lot. it's a lot easier that saying you guys or you all. sometimes, if it's a lot of people, i say all y'all.

4. i love playing board games or cards or dice games. recently, nick and i have been playing crazy eights like crazy. my favorite board games are balderdash and loaded questions.

5. nicholas and i have been married for almost 3 months and i couldn't be happier. he happily does the dishes as i cook, organizes his own sock drawer, works hard to support us, encourages me to save money, and is easily convinced when i want mexican food or a juicy cheeseburger.

6. i think love actually is my favorite holiday movie. i can't wait to exchange ornaments with nicholas and watch love actually and drink hot chocolate! (hopefully the first weekend in december!)

7. i have traveled to mexico, costa rica, belize, italy, france, monaco, the netherlands, germany, czech republic, haiti, and all around the caribbean. but, i've never been to NYC, LA or chicago. go figure. :)

those are some random facts, huh?! for all of the new followers i have, welcome! if y'all have any questions just ask!

Monday, November 22, 2010

drumroll please...

i've been interviewing with three different companies since mid-october.
and i've finally received an offer on friday.
well, three different offers, actually. (lucky me)

i've decided to accept one!
in two weeks, i'll be working as a purchasing analyst at a medical device company.
(so, i'm no longer working as a dietitian - good riddance! haha)

it's a complete career change.
from working in a hospital to working in an office building.
i'm very excited (and, i'll admit, a little nervous!)

but here's the kicker, i'll be working at the same company as my husband!
we won't work together on a day-to-day basis,
but we'll be able to drive to work together (in the carpool lane!).

so much to be thankful for! (and, this is SO TRUE.)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros.

my good friend dave* back in tx sent me a thoughtful e-mail this morning. (see #5)
(hi, dave!)
*dave was the only person that nick knew from omaha in texas when nick moved to texas for work. so they started hanging out. and, that's how i met nicholas. and, now we're married. (thanks, dave!)

anyway, his e-mail said that i put all kinds of happy songs on my blog and he thought this one would fit right in. i agree! i love it. the lyrics are too cute.

i was going to use some of the lyrics for the title of the post, but i couldn't decide between...
"holy moly me oh my."
"you're the apple of my eye."
"hot and heavy pumpkin pie." 
(this was a favorite, but i didn't want to get everyone all riled-up by not posting about pumpkin pie!)
"home is wherever i'm with you."

see for yourself...

as dave said, "perfect with a little coffee on a friday morning!"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

thankful thursday.

some small things, some big things, some silly things.
all blessings.

{dinner last night. see #2}

ten things i'm thankful for this thursday:

1. pioneer woman's aperture tutorial

2. pioneer woman's penne a la betsy

3. the job offered i received yesterday (although i didn't accept, it felt good to be wanted!)

4. an amazing day exploring san francisco with my love

5. e-mail - as charming as snail mail is (and I love it) it's hard to imagine life without e-mail

6. that santa does exist. and after a quick e-mail (see above), santa ordered me some amazing boots for christmas! (thanks, dad)

7. grandparents. for lots of reasons! but especially because they have the BEST nicknames.
   (hi baba, dandy, mimi and papa el!)

8. being able to fly to both texas and nebraska for Thanksgiving
    (which, holy cow, is a week from today!)

9. that the giant man-eater spiders outside of our apartment are content with staying outside of our apartment (for now, at least)

10. the christmas tree scented candle i found at target on clearance for $3 because... it smells really, really good. and it goes well with the "santa baby" pandora station i've been listening to all day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my mission (in the mission).

one of my missions since moving from texas to california is finding the best mexican food. (and pizza, and cheeseburgers, but that's another story!) after exploring the city on saturday, we met up with two of nick's friends from home (omaha, ne). they've lived in the city for two years (? i think). we watched the nebraska football game at a dive bar then made our way over to the mission. thank goodness - we found some AMAZING mexican food at puerto alegre. enchiladas, chips and hot sauce, margaritas, rice and beans. we even entertained the whole restaurant with our table's la bamba sing-a-long!  i was in heaven. i'm getting hungry just thinking about it. we had to wait an hour, but it was well worth it.

we will definitely be heading back to the mission. (we also spent some time at casanova and elbo room - so much fun!) thanks matt and patrick for being our tour guides!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

just a normal saturday for the meads.

we are so lucky to have such an amazing city less than an hour away. we drove down lombard street, drank hot chocolate from ghirardelli and enjoyed the beach. the weather was GORGEOUS in san francisco this weekend. one of my favorite things was seeing tourists from all over the world, listening to their native language and knowing that they probably travelled far and wide to see what we're seeing on a random autumn saturday! it reminded us not to take it for granted and to make the most of our day. (which we did. obvi.)

Monday, November 15, 2010


i just saw this on the today show and had to share. this is mike tompkins and he makes all the music with his voice and mouth. very cool. i've listened to it over and over!! what do you think?

(he also has a great version of teenage dream. and i'm OBSESSED with all the different versions of that song.)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

wedding vendors.

just in case you're interested...

ceremony: marty leonard chapel
presider: deacon joe @ holy family
reception: renaissance worthington hotel
catering: renaissance worthington hotel
rehearsal dinner: joe t. garcia's mexican restaurant
photographer: josephmark photography
videographer: austin walton productions
coordination: lucia bitnar at foster blue
cakes: creme de la creme
invitations: wedding paper divas
menus, programs: DIY with logo via wedding chicks
bride's dress: watters from bliss bridal
bride's shoes: endless.com
bride's veil: borrowed, by sara gabriel
bride's headband: feathers and frills
bride's garter: JLWeddings
bridesmaids' dresses: j. crew
hair: teresa and ann at NV salon and spa
rings: pieter andries
groom's attire: jc penny's and macy's
groomsmen's attire: jc penny's and macy's
florist: kate foley
DJ: randy roberson
exit: brazos carriage

if there's anything else you would like to know, just ask!

Friday, November 12, 2010

wedding pictures! (just a few of my favorites.)

mr. & mrs. mead
5 september 2010

(check out our vendors here.)