Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my own happy hour.


nick is on his way back from arizona as i type. he flew there this morning, gave a presentation, and now is en route home. (yeah, he's kind of a big deal.) so, in the mean time, i have some good ol' alone time after work and before he gets home. and let me tell you, i could not be more relaxed. sitting on our patio, drinking a glass of wine an catching up on all of your blogs. my very own happy hour. in my pjs.

thanks for all the app recommendations for my iphone. but after i installed angry birds, i haven't gotten around to the rest. that game is so freakin' addicting.

oh, random, but happy news! i WON the march madness tournament bracket at work! can you believe that? i never watch sports (unless my dear husband is watching sports.) but, i didn't want to be left out of the conversations. so, i paid my $10 and entered. the tournament isn't even over yet, but everyone else's teams were eliminated and i picked 1 of the final four so i win! march has been a lucky month for me! maybe, i should buy a lottery ticket. or, go to vegas?!


{lovely little things} said...

woohoo, way to go with the march madness bracket, that's a big deal! My fiance's bracket was busted really early with the Pitt loss.

Courtney said...

you definitely need a lotto ticket! congrats on the big win! i won my brackets too, who would have thought?! beginners luck I guess.

and I spy my post on your screen :) haha

Morgan said...

Love me some Angry Birds! And you won?! Amazing!

Ashley :) said...

I love your wine glass!

Amy Silver said...

New follower here, love the blog!

Kinsey Michaels said...

vegas vegas!
congrats on winning the bracket! that's so awesome!
sounds like you had a perfectly relaxing happy hour. makes me think that i should run downstairs and grab a drink as i finish catching up on blogs :)