Tuesday, March 29, 2011

really early birthday present!

my birthday is coming up in about a week, but this weekend i received an early birthday present from my AWESOME parents... an i phone!

i'm not sure how i survived this long without one.

well, let's just say nick will finally get his phone back to himself (lucky guy gets an iphone through work).

i also ordered this darling, colorful case from modcloth and can't wait for it to come in.

so, for all of you that have an iphone:

what apps should i install?

ps. thank you, mom and dad! love you lots.


Bree said...

Woohoo..great gift!
Here's my recommendations (and they're all free, I've never paid for one):
-Words with Friends
-PS Express
-Instagram (a must for photos-I'm obsessed!)
-Food Network
-Angry Birds
-Talking Tom (a talking cat that says what you say, random but hilarious)
-Glamour Magazine

These are just a few I use the most of .. should get you started ;)

Kinsey Michaels said...

eeeee an iphone! i've always wanted one too. such a perfect early bday gift! i have heard great things about instagram, but also hipstamatic (for photos).

April said...

I loooove my iPhone :) I like Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Scramble, obviously facebook and twitter. And I have an Epicurious app that I LOVE for recipes.

Jenny said...

How exciting, I love mine!!! Some of my favorite apps are:
Nike+ gps - tracks how far you run, where you are running etc.
Camera+ (lets you edit and crop your photos)
Myfitnesspal (calorie counter - they have almost everything you could imagine!)
Quick tip - you enter the tab and it gives you what the tip is for 10%, 15% and 20%

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! Some great apps...
-red laser

LJ said...

Play words with friends with me!!! LJ1230 is my username.

Anonymous said...

couch to 5K
accuweather (bc it alsohas a setting for weather based on your actual gps location)

Meg said...

OH yay for you, gf!! I don't know how I ever lived without mine either! I like the tip calculator app, words with friends, weather channel app, livestrong app, E! online.. just to name a few! :)


Katya said...

My favorite ones: Scrabble (soo addicting), Skype, Brain trainer, Nike Training, WhiteNoise, MyFitnessPal, BBC news. I am exploring my ipod too and having a lot of fun!