Saturday, March 5, 2011

six months as mrs. mead


i love being newlywed to the love of my life. i love that we had the wedding of our dreams. i love that after we got married, we got maui'd. i love that i know even though i am far from my family, nicholas will always be by my side. i love that we can call ourselves "the meads." i love our new saturday routines. i love carpooling to work in the morning and talking about our day on the way home. i love that he automatically asks the server for extra ketchup whenever i order french fries. i love that he does the dishes if i cook. and doesn't get mad if my hair and make-up are all over the bathroom counter. and i love that he tells me i'm beautiful, even when i'm not feeling so. i love that i call him booger and he calls me butt. i love that i still feel butterflies when he tells me he loves me to the moon and back. 


everyone calls me bon bon said...

Precious! Love all of the love:-) Newlywed life is the best! Happy 6 months! xoxo

Claire said...

aw so cute :) x

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Yay, so cute! I love this picture!