Tuesday, April 26, 2011

fun at work.

i know i post a lot a bout work now.

or, if i'm not blogging, its because i'm working.

nick has joked before that if you work at our company, you "drink the kool-aid" because it's such a different culture where we work. for example, its a really young crowd, driven, competitive group, but we have happy hours at work, ping-pong and dodgeball tournaments and an american idol-esque singing competition.

we work really hard, but we play hard too. so it's fun!

last week was our american idol competition at work. well, actually we rented out a bar with a stage and lighting and a dj. i'm telling you... people take this very seriously!  we competed in groups based on functional group (ie, materials vs. supervisors vs. distribution, etc). everyone wears costumes and has choreography and changes the lyrics to be funny or pander the judges (who are our companies VPs).

my group did a verison of 'wannabe' by the spice girl. (we didn't win.)

our manufacturing engineers, however, did win in the "most innovative" category. they actually made a video parody of friday by rebecca black. watch her (ridiculous) video first here if you haven't seen it before.

here's the parody they submitted for our competition. remember, the judges are our bosses' bosses' bosses' bosses. and, i think it's even more fun because these are all engineers and some of the footage is real! (and around 1:48 - i was caught on tape... not working.)

anyway, hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to FRIDAY. :)


Becca [Free Honey] said...

Oh my goodness, your company sounds like so much fun! I can't blame you for drinking the kool aid and getting in the company spirit. I'm starting a new job in 2 weeks, I'm hoping the culture will be just as fun as this!!

Claire said...

omg this made me laugh.out.loud.

Kinsey Michaels said...

hahaha this video had me in hysterics!!!! your company sounds so fun!