Sunday, July 31, 2011

cable car party.

what's more fun than riding around san francisco in a cable car?

...riding around san francisco in a cable car decked out in 80s wear and bar hopping. 

oh yeah!

on saturday, me, nick and about 78 of our co-workers took to the city and didn't stop believing until billie jean was livin' on a prayer... if you know what i mean! 

i found a classy formal dress at goodwill for $14, teased my hair and loaded up on blue eyeshadow and i have to say... i pretty much loved it! 

nick opted for a blonde mustache and a women's blazer. haha.

we hopped on the cal-train just before it took off and the party started right then and there. 

we made our way to gordon biersch and met up with the rest of the group.

it was SO FUN to see everyone dressed up in their get-ups and get to know people outside of work. 

my absolute favorite part was hanging out the cable car, blasting music and waving to all the pedestrians and tourists as they gawked at us and took pictures!

 we stopped at mcteague's saloonbar none and fiddler's green.

don't you just love the back?!

wish we did this once a quarter, rather than once a year.
don't stop 'til you get enough!


Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

LOVE the back of your dress ;)

Bay Park Dream said...

So fun... and that dress is fabuloussss! :)


Kinsey Michaels said...

this is such a genious idea!!! what a blast. you and nick work for such a fun company. i love that you guys work and play hard, it's a good philosophy!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What fun!

Samantha said...

That looks like so much fun! And your dress is TOTALLY RAD!!!

xo, sam

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That looks like so much fun!!!