Sunday, August 28, 2011

home sweet home.

after lots of boxes, packing, moving and unpacking we are finally getting settled into our new house. and let me tell you, we are absolutely loving it so far!

we have most of everything unpacked, but we are working on a few projects. (like painting our entertainment center). and, we are having so much fun exploring our new neighborhood. we miss los gatos - that town was amazing - but we're only 10-15 minutes away and we have SO MUCH more space! and a yard! and it's updated! etc. :) and, we're 15 minutes away from work. and most importantly, 3 minutes away from target! hehe.

here are some pictures of the house right when we got the keys, before our stuff took over!
our cute little white fence to our driveway.
oh, and that's a grapevine on the arbor and there are little bunches of grapes
hanging out. maybe we should start making our our wine!!

living room
living room + hallway to the bedrooms
dining room
(and currently our catch-all room... we have a lot of work to do in here!)
ahhh... the bathroom. probably my favorite room in the house.
i know that's kind of weird, but it's just so luxurious...
bedroom with french doors to the patio
backyard with gorgeous landscaping
garage on the right and covered patio outside the bedroom

so that's it! i can't wait to have people over and take advantage of the awesome outdoor space. the yard is perfect for bocce ball and grilling. once we get everything upacked and in it's place, i'll snap a few more photos of the interior!


Morgan said...

Awesome place! So spacious!

Kinsey Michaels said...

omg i looooove your new house lacey! it's so cute. the kitchen and bathroom both look so nice. congrats!!!!

Liz said...

holy moly! your new house is stunning - you lucky lady!!! what a great find! enjoy :) And we'll definitely need to see some after pictures!

Bree said...

This place looks adorable!! I would be taking advantage of that backyard too! :)

Bay Park Dream said...

Ah love this house! The backyard is beautiful, that bathroom is oh so fabulous, and the house has such great curb appeal :) Enjoy!


Mary said...

aww love your cute new home! we just moved into a new town home and love it too!!!

Anonymous said...

love it! are you buying or renting. CA is a dream of ours, definitely expensive though.

Justine said...

I love it Lace!! It is soo adorable:)

Samantha said...

What a cute place! Love the grapes on the arbor!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh it looks great!!! What a great find!