Sunday, September 11, 2011

girls weekend - with a twist!

last weekend, i met the girls in dallas and we flew out to georgia to visit allison. it has been way too long since we last spent time together. with me in california, the laurens in fort worth, justine in dallas and allison in georgia, we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like.

allison, lauren (lolo), lauren (LJ), justine and me all met in college in our sorority. allison was one of the first girls i met and she was even my "big sister."
 circa 2007, when my hair was blonde :)
spring break, 2007 - belize

i was in allison's wedding

and she was in mine!

but, unlike college, our girls weekend this year was little bit different.
we had a new addition to the group... allison and her hubbie matt just welcomed a beautiful baby boy, james edward, into their lives.

we still talked about the men in our lives and drank a little too much wine and snacked on chick-fil-a and played board games and laughed until our abs were sore... but we also talked about marriage and babies and breastmilk and diaper changes. and this little guy just melted our hearts...


French Lover said...

Aww you look so cute with a baby :D This isn't helping my baby fever... Your friend's little boy is precious.
And I almost didn't recognize you as a blonde! What a change!
Sounds like you had the perfect girls' weekend :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, how exciting!

Allison Bourg said...

love it lacey! i had soooo much fun with y'all, and James misses all of his girlfriends : ) we have shared so many special memories and moments together....i look forward to many, many more!!! love you! -Allison

Ashley Blossom said...

My future weekends are going to start to look like yours! My best friend from forever is 4 and a half months pregnant! It's going to be such a beautifully strange period of life to enter into--friend's pregnancies! Although, it's exciting! :)