Sunday, September 25, 2011

life lately.

since it's been awhile since i've blogged regularly, i thought i'd keep everyone up-to-date with a few instagram photos from frankie.

(frankie is my phone's name. yes, my silly friends and i name inanimate objects. my car is rosie. my camera is cammie. nick's car is vickie. nick's phone is buddy. etc...)

anyway, here's life lately according to frankie:

1. biggest flower ever in palo alto. seriously, it was as big as my head!

2. i joined the junior league of san jose! it's a volunteer group for women and a great opportunity for me to meet some new people and do good in the community. i've loved it so far.

3. chavelas at tlaquepaque, my favorite mexican restaurant in the area. i had never heard of a chavela before, but they are dangerously tasty. the super chavelas are a modelo (mexican beer) with lime juice and a salted rim, with a shot of tequila in it. sounds crazy... i know. but soooooo good! (the regular chavelas don't have a shot in it.)

4. oh hey - self portrait just for the hell of it. guess i was feeling cute that day. like my necklace?

5. over labor day weekend, nicholas and i went up to a winery that had live music and we had a little picnic.

6. my baby's good to me... friday afterwork we sat outside on our patio, listened to michael buble (my fav!) and drank wine. he even cut fresh flowers from our yard. so relaxing.

7. i've mentioned it before, but my eyes are SUPER sensitive to onions. every time i chop one, my eyes sting so bad and i bawl like a baby. i even cried a few days ago chopping up scallions! ridiculous. i finally remembered to look for the frozen chopped onions at the grocery store today. lifesavers!

8. saturday i met a group of girls from junior league at the beach in capitola, a little beach community near santa cruz. capitola is so stinkin' cute and i can't wait to take nicholas there. although it was overcast, it was still gorgeous there and we had a great time playing beach volleyball and chatting.

9. yummy thai food and belgian beer at this tiny thai restaurant in our new neighborhood. crispy pad thai was to die for!

10. my husband/male model.

11. sweets at icing on the cake... the bakery where we got our anniversary cake.

12. our new church! we went for the first time today and loved it. it is at santa clara university and sooo pretty.


Ashley Blossom said...

My eyes are SUPER sensitive to onions, too! My trick: wet the knife in cold water! It really helps. If you have a container to keep track of the chopped onions, it really helps to cut the onion under running water. Try it :)

kate said...

oh my gosh love your necklace, where's it from??

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the instagram catch up! That's so neat that you joined the Junior League. I hear great things about them.

Caroline said...

Love #3 mine and Marc's beverage of choice as well!!!