Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween at work.

not only did i get to be mary poppins this halloween, i also got to recycle my costume from 2 years ago and be cleopatra at work! (wow, looking back at those old pictures make me want to get a tan!)

our office has a crazy competitive halloween decorating contest and all the kids of the employee's can come trick-or-treating.

my team did an "around the world" theme... each of our cubes was a different country. we had france, canada, tahiti, ireland, germany, india, and of course, my country egypt.

we kind of did a half ass job... well it was a lot of work, but it paled in comparison to the others!

here are some pictures from our day...

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Bree said...

People take that seriously! hahah Love that Canada is all about the snow :P