Wednesday, October 12, 2011

surprise party in omaha.

last weekend, nicholas and i secretly hopped on a plane and flew to his hometown, omaha, nebraska, to surprise my mother-in-law, debbie, for her 60th birthday. his siblings in portland, seattle and iowa all did the same.

boy, was she surprised when she showed up at a restaurant for a "quiet birthday dinner" and eighty of her closets friends and family yelled "surprise!"

nick with his brothers, sisters and mom.

we weren't sure if we'd be able to pull off the surprise, especially with so many people involved. nicholas called debbie on her birthday, while our cab was outside to take us to the airport, and i texted her during our layover... we even sent a decoy gift that arrived on her birthday!

luckily, all of nicholas's siblings were able to be there, too. it the first time in 5 years since they'd all been in omaha at the same time!

we had so much fun!
happy birthday, debbie!


Sweet Simplicity said...

What a wonderful surprise for you MIL! I bet she was overcome with happiness.

Kinsey Michaels said...

that's hysterical! she looks soo surprised too. i love that you threw in a decoy gift to throw her off.